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Ginkgo biloba leaves

2021-08-31 18:11:24 Photography

I have left Urumqi for ten days , The weather in southern Xinjiang is dry , Nose swelling and pain have inflammation , It's not as wet as northern Xinjiang, nor as wet as Suzhou , When I was in Suzhou, my skin calluses were moistened for many years , Today, I went to the hospital and applied medicine to relieve some .

Looking at the ginkgo leaves all over the tree , Sigh that such valuable tree species have taken root and grown in the desert . There are Populus euphratica, red willows, white poplar and elm trees all over here , Ginkgo biloba was transplanted in the hospital more than ten years ago , Now it has taken root, opened branches and scattered leaves, and grown tall .

Think of the cadres who aid Xinjiang , They come from the prosperous and developed coastal cities in the Mainland , The deadline for some to come to Xinjiang has come , But resolutely chose to stay in Xinjiang , Even put your home on the frontier , Competing to bring their children to the frontier , It's admirable .

Ginkgo biloba leaves

Looking at the Ginkgo biloba trees , Also think of a lot of people in the Corps , Home in the mainland, several generations love and build Xinjiang , Turn into Populus euphratica, red willow, white poplar and this rooted ginkgo , Passing on from generation to generation to resist the invasion of crazy sand , Let the boundary of the oasis expand step by step , And the sand devil retreats step by step , A virtuous circle of natural ecology , Make southern Xinjiang change to the south of the Yangtze River , People look forward to the good scenery of Jiangnan !

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