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"Inherit the family business if you don't go to work" -- today's broken thoughts

2021-08-31 18:15:30 Literary frequency modulation

Today's mood is a little complicated , In fact, there are many things I want to write , I don't know where to start writing , I don't know where to write . Anyway, it's broken thoughts , I'll just write about it , Please forgive me if you don't understand .

A colleague in the headquarters who has communicated for many years is leaving , In the current industry downturn , A better place to go is the best choice . The industry downturn is also one of the reasons why he left , But the bigger reason is the change of family members , He needs to go back and take care of the company , This is what the Internet says “ If you don't work well, you'll inherit your family ”.

After hearing about it , I'm very happy for him , After all, if there is a way back, there is hope . But more , Is feeling .

With age , I believe more and more —— Reincarnation is a technical job . What kind of family you grew up in , What kind of resources do you have , It all determines the way you walk , Decided which way to go .

Yes , The reality is unfair . We study with lights and candles at night , In order to have a chance to turn over , In order to change the fate of facing the Loess and back to the sky . Some people try to , To prove that you can do it without relying on your family , And when needed , The family can also rely on . What they are arguing about is one breath , We risked our lives .

I'm not angry , Now I have already passed the age of angry youth . Not jealous of others , Just sigh too much injustice .

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Once that day and night is still fresh in my mind .

The first thing to do at work every day is to record the calendar of the day with notes , How many things need to be handled , One by one , Sometimes there are more than thirty . There are always endless calls during working hours , After work time is my time to deal with more than 30 jobs . In line with the principle of completing things on the same day , Try to deal with it every time before getting off work .

In order to take care of the family , If you can handle it at home, try to take it home , Continue to work after soothing the baby to sleep , It's common to work until two or three in the morning .

I always thought I'd be happy after all the hardships , Suddenly one day I saw a company airborne by relying on the background “ Make up one's mind ” personnel , Don't know professional skills , At the same level as me . Only then did I know , The beautiful blueprint I drew for myself , It can be achieved by others moving their mouths .

Everyone has a different way , Whether it's flat or rugged , Keep going , There is no better transcendence .

I still have to work if I have a grievance , After all, it's always right to do things down-to-earth . Stupid people have stupid ways to live , The poor have the ambition of the poor .

Colleagues who have been together for many years , I still wish him .

Reincarnation is a technical job . Just don't admit it .

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