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Many people like chrysanthemums , I'm one of them . Chrysanthemum is rich and diverse in both flower type and color , I love chrysanthemums , But I love it very much .

There are several chrysanthemums in the green belt downstairs , Open in the autumn rain , Give the shivering autumn cool a trace of warmth . Start with spring peach , Flower arrangement with different colors in the vase on the table , In these days, only chrysanthemums are left . At first, I didn't pay attention to these double petals , Until thick pollen falls on the table , I watched the chrysanthemum carefully . The round flower core looks like a sunflower , Fine pollen covers neatly arranged seeds , The petals are arranged in a circular order , The whole feels like a humble wise man .

The flowering period of chrysanthemum is relatively long , Generally, it takes about a month from flowering to withering . It's very cost-effective to buy flowers for flower arrangement . In recent years, people's living standards have been continuously improved , Flower etiquette is gradually rising , Many people use chrysanthemums as funeral flowers instead of making them routine . Actually , The meaning and language of flowers are artificial additional attributes , Flowers are beautiful , There is not much moral , If you like , Every flower is a thriving angel .

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