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Throughout the life of plants

2021-08-31 18:15:36 Literary frequency modulation

I want to hold life ,

Feel life coming out of the ground ,

At dusk, the west mountain is crumbling .

I want to see how raindrops hit the leaves ,

All the water molecules play happily on the leaves ,

Because it's green ,

That's the color of life ,

That's the color of hope .

I want to see the size of the flowers ,

Countless bees come to pick bright yellow pollen ,

They will work hard to pick one after another ,

Because it's red ,

For a new life ,

For new hope .

I want to hear the sound of fruit falling ,

The fruit is affected by gravity ,

Falling from high on withered branches and leaves ,

Rustling ——

This is the end of the old life ,

It's the beginning of a new life .

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