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I have roses in my stomach

2021-08-31 18:15:42 Literary frequency modulation

I don't understand why I was particularly interested in fresh and tender flowers when I was a child .

Sometimes I see , Or see new flowers in the yard , I have an impulse to eat them .

Because those flowers are really , It's so fresh and lovely .

In fact, it's easy for me to imagine everything in the world as another thing .

Look at the sun through the window , Reflected on the lavender cabinet , When forming rectangular lights , I would imagine it as pieces of jelly with transparent color against light .

I like sunshine .

I will always remember a winter morning , It's winter , But the sun is so dazzling .

I looked at the reflection of the windowsill railing , Prickly , As if I saw seven suns .

I suddenly had a strange idea , I want to see what the sun looks like .

I squint , The whole world turned into reflective broken glass , I seem to have dived into the bottom of a bathing beach full of sunshine , My eyes are full of sea water , I try to open my eyes , Want to see the world through the sea , But I saw the clothes hanging in my house .

My eyes are hot , I saw some colors , It's the color of soap bubbles , There are also some hollowed out small apertures . If those small apertures are round coconuts , There must be very sweet juice when you bite it .

I suddenly understood something , The sun is a hole with strong white light , Its light seems to freeze at the moment of breaking , And with the broken, it turns into a beautiful color like colored glass .

And ah , This guy is very controlling , So dazzling that you can see it all over your eyes .

What's the smell of sunshine ? I think it has a warm smell , After swallowing , It will shine across my stomach .

So what will the petals taste ?

They look so beautiful .

It looks very fresh and tender , Such beautiful and gentle colors , Is its taste light and sweet ?

I touched with my hand , Feel , I really can't deeply appreciate its fresh and tender touch and soft taste .

So I put it in my mouth .

During that time , I always have roses and Impatiens in my stomach , Or the little white daisies on the roadside .

“ I think I will soon become a flower .”

I think .

Because I don't know from which child's mouth, eating flowers will turn into flowers .

The children are so powerful , I know so many things , They must have learned magic behind my back . How else do you know what to do if you accidentally kill a frog? A sacred funeral to pray for its forgiveness .

The frog's grave is full of little daisies , The children bowed to it with respect , I hope Bodhisattva bless it with happiness in the next life .

At that time, my love for nature was reflected in my desire to worship , Want to observe , Want to get close to , Want to touch , Want to integrate with it .

Every part of my body can be imagined as something related to nature .

I changed my hands with gestures , Find the shadow of leaves and flowers .

It's boring , But when I was a child, I really had such leisure , Constantly changing gestures , To find the shadows of various plants or animals .

Or in hot weather , Whimpering to the wind , When the wind responds to me in the trees , I will laugh happily , say :

“ The wind came to see me !”

Everything seems to have fresh life , Just like me .

At the age of four , I realized the Arabic numerals . I feel inexplicably , Numbers are like living villains .

Mom asked me what number I liked .

I said, :“ Like four , Because it is the most lovely girl .”

do not know why , I think odd numbers are boys , And even numbers are girls . One and nine of them are big brothers who are good at taking care of people , If I have a brother, he should be nine or nineteen . Seven and eight are beautiful big sisters , As beautiful as a 17-year-old sister , And four are the most lovely little girls .

I'm complacent about my wishful thinking , Because no one but me found four lovely little girls !

I told my friends about this discovery , They also told me what they found .

Xiao Ying said , She ate a round candy last night , Then the whole man flew up , She floated around everyone's roof before she came home , She also saw me , I was eating in the yard .

I'm shocked , Clamoring for her to share the sugar with me .

She smiled mysteriously , say , No more , She only bought one .

I've been annoyed for a long time .

When I get older , I don't think the flowers will hurt , So the bad habit of eating flowers was changed .

also , I found that eating flowers can't turn into flowers , I don't have leaves , There is no good smell , I'm still an ordinary four-year-old girl with nothing special .

But the rose in my stomach slowly melted , Became a part of me .

Oh, I see ! It's the flower that becomes me .

It must be .

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