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2021-08-31 18:16:55 Life journey

I used to be sulky , Often hold your breath in your stomach , Don't express anger , I was so angry that I only knew to cry .

Often because of some things, I am so angry that I can't sleep , Unable to eat anything , As a result, those who are angry with themselves are fine , Seeing this makes me more angry . Sometimes there is a picture of your brain replenishing qi , What doesn't happen is woven in the brain , I often immerse myself in it , It's as if the quarrel really happened .

Now think I was cheated by my brain , Maybe it's because of this character that I got hyperthyroidism , Because of this illness, my life has fallen to the bottom .

Because hyperthyroidism causes eye protrusion , Protruding eyes make you feel inferior . Dare not go out , Don't want to go out looking for a job , Afraid of other people's strange eyes , Stay at home all day, terrified .

I really don't know how I came over those days , I feel my world is gray , Very helpless , Even thought of dying .

I hate why I have this disease , It's a disfigured disease . I dare not see my former classmates and acquaintances , I just want to close myself up .

I have returned to my hometown in the past two years , Didn't go out to work , Maybe less pressure , I feel better . I have read a lot of books in the past two years , I also read some psychological books , I know it's time to change my mind , You can't let yourself be immersed in the pain of the past . Only you can save yourself .

Now I don't want to argue with others , Even if others point at the cat and say it's a dog , I won't argue anymore . And I won't be able to let go of some small things for a long time , There is nothing in life that can't be put down .

My body has been with me for so long , But I didn't treat it well , I'm sorry for myself . I no longer blame myself for not finding out earlier , If you find out early, your eyes won't stand out . Now I choose to forgive myself , Accepting yourself , To love oneself , Be friends with yourself , Give yourself the courage to get out of the trough .

Because of this disease , It woke me up . I don't complain about illness anymore , Because it tells me what's wrong , I know now , I'm also slowly changing .

Treat yourself well for the rest of your life , Love yourself .

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