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Blue sky

2021-08-31 18:26:33 Photography

The phone call at more than five in the morning must be urgent , But the result doesn't sound anxious . The inner colliculus was examined for vaccination . My husband hurried off after breakfast , I got home from work at 12:30 noon , In wechat, my husband said that he was still on the road and didn't eat … So pathetic , I work overtime to at least have food , They have to starve , Then send me this picture. It's so beautiful ! My first reaction ,“ Pure mountain , I wish I could go on a blue day ”“ So tired …” I said, “ You really should let me go , I'm not afraid of anything except mountains ” Such a beautiful picture seems to be drawn . The trees on the mountain are dark green, the grass is emerald green, and the shrubs are pure green , The mountain in the distance seems to be covered with a soft carpet … Standing on the top of the mountain, you can reach for a piece of white clouds , Look at the sky , From dark blue to deep blue, the white clouds in the sky seem to be the waves on the sea . Can have such a beautiful realm , It would be nice to live in seclusion in this mountain !

The mountains of the inner hills

The following one is from Xiao Wang in the office . If the mountain scenery above makes people's mind baptized in an instant , This picture is back on earth , If there are no pedestrians in the picture , However, the tile blue sky and antique buildings seem to cross the ancient cloudless sky, which is really like a sea .


So I think of the love mountain I have been to

Cowherd and weaver girl stand here for thousands of years , I have coveted this mountain for a long time , Not only their beautiful love legend , The two natural stone statues on the main peak are worth seeing . Since I saw them, I have carefully observed Vega , Her face was beautiful and melancholy ,“ Wrong! , The weaver girl's eyes are not quite right ” Wait until you turn to another mountain and go behind the cowherd to see the Weaver Girl , Her eyes showed a deep feeling , The cowherd in front of us is close at hand , But her eyes seemed to see the cowherd after going through the ends of the earth , That hope, that desire, that love for each other, the unbridled rush out . How about birds with wings and branches , Not as affectionate as her eyes .

Love mountain

Reading in the afternoon , Wang Zengqi's Tianchi snow water Deliberately search the Internet

Maybe both of them can be used, because Wang Lao's article mentioned the snow-white snow mountain , Tasson row by row , One by one , Tarzon , Snow mountain , The clouds in the sky are reflected in the pool water . Snow peak light blue , Like peacock green, like blue agate …… I have nothing to say but to appreciate !

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