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2021-08-31 18:28:17 Life journey

Xu ruowen was just 20 years old when he came to Shanghai to work .

Because people are honest , Introduced by an acquaintance to work in a company run by his relatives , Is specialized in tire trade . In the past , To be honest , It's kind of recognition . Now , Honesty seems to be equivalent to useless . Say Xu ruowen is honest , There are two things to prove : One is to endure the boss's rich fart /* The lure of stocks ; Second, the roommate put his salary under the pillow , At that time, a flower ticket of one or two thousand yuan , Yu ruowen is also considerable . Xu ruowen is indifferent , I didn't touch anyone . These two pieces , In current terms , Has withstood the test of wealth . actually , Who doesn't love money and lust . Mainly because Xu ruowen is simple , I don't think money is important , People are not enlightened yet , also , Also timid .

Xu ruowen's work , Unloading during the day , Later, I was also responsible for delivering and following the car . Because I live in the company where the office and warehouse are located , Take the responsibility of guarding at night .

Except Xu ruowen , And a middle-aged man , Share a room . Some relative of the boss , Probably fan , Everyone calls him Lao Fan . Old fan is 40 or 50 years old . Hair clumps , Mixed with white hair . Lao Fan seems divorced . Can cook , I remember the roast he made tastes good . When something's ok , Old fan often goes to a neighbor's house . It's someone else , It's actually two low rented rooms . The host is a young couple , Also an outsider , They deal in bulk cement . Men often have sports cars outside , The woman takes a child to guard the house . Lao Fan often brings some fried dishes to the restaurant , Once in, sometimes stay for an hour or two , I don't know what to stir up in it . The young woman is also Shuiling , White skinned , Often half exposed , Probably for the convenience of nursing children . Then she got pregnant again , With a round belly , Walking in front of the door , It doesn't have charm .

Xu ruowen has no communication with Lao Fan . To put it simply , Old fan doesn't pay attention to Xu ruowen, a hairy boy from the countryside , Xu ruowen doesn't look up to Lao Fan. Although he is a city man, he has a vulgar appearance . At that time , Xu ruowen met a female student , Reading in the sunrise . At that time, there was no wechat , Before going to bed every day , The two communicate through SMS . The sound of information continues . Lao Fan said , Turn that sound off , Noisy people to rest . Actually , It's not loud , Very small . Maybe it distracted him from looking at Huang /* The energy of the book , Disturbed his interest . He had a stack of hundred dollar bills under his pillow , There are two more novels , Hum, ah, ah, the kind with color photos . At that time, such books were common . Like in the suburbs , It's common for women to hold children , Squatting on the roadside selling movies . Now? , These have become history .

The so-called company , It's just personal . It's not big , But the assets are not small . The boss's surname is Wu , Medium height , A little fat , But not fat . There is a slight thank you in the middle of the head . Face affinity , Words are few . Smart and steady . There are several cars . At that time, the salary was only a thousand yuan , The boss's assets are already tens of millions .

The boss's wife is tall and majestic , Not beautiful . A delivery driver said , The landlady has a bitter melon face , You won't enjoy great happiness in the future . Xu ruowen doesn't understand this , I can't see the truth . I just think they are the landlady , It's the rich , Born in a big city . The distance is boundless , And she are two kinds of people .

However , What I didn't expect was , The landlady came to seduce Xu ruowen . When she put two big farts in the exposed powder /* Share with Xu ruowen , When it comes to the point , Xu ruowen can't figure out why , He was so frightened that he hid to one side .

Although Xu ruowen has gradually become enlightened , But never really sharpened a gun . in fact , The distance from the landlady is obvious , Like a chasm . The ditch is so wide and deep , The abyss is unpredictable . Mysterious and dangerous . therefore , Xu ruowen didn't dare to have any unreasonable thoughts . Moreover, , I'm in love with a Ping, a girl from Chaoyang .

Say it's love , It's just transmitted by radio waves . In the past , People seem to believe it . A Ping is a sophomore , Two years younger than Xu ruowen . The more they talk, the closer they get , It feels wonderful . The content of the chat , Xu ruowen later copied it down with stationery , Sent it to a ping . There is a thick little book . Ah Ping was moved , I'm really a man with a heart . Often in the evening , After work , On the green lawn in front of the company , Facing the soup of Huangpu River , Xu ruowen calls ah Ping , Tell each other , One pot is more than an hour . Young heart , Being tied by the distance all day .

A ping sent her picture . She's in the picture , A round face , Sweet smile . Medium build , Carry a backpack , Wear white ball shoes , Stretch your arms , Do a hug . A pair of passionate , A youthful look . It's so beautiful ! Sometimes , Xu ruowen takes out a ping's photo , While looking at , While thinking , I feel like ping is beside me , There is an unspeakable sweetness and happiness .

Xu ruowen specially went to Nanjing Road , Also take photos and send them to a ping , Send a postcard of Shanghai scenery . Write to each other frequently , You come to me to , Say work, study , Say life mood , Say ideal tomorrow . Because a Ping is a student , Xu ruowen still has some salary , Just call her , Send a little living expenses . Due to the existence of a ping , I don't feel tired working during the day , My heart is filled with ah Ping . Sometimes I think of a detail , Will unconsciously raise the corners of your mouth , For a moment . The feeling of love is really hard to say . Even though , They are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers , It also blocks this emotion .

Because the company's billing aunt made a mistake , Going home to rest . The company has hired a new woman to replace her . Also surnamed Wu , Everyone called her Xiao Wu . Xiao Wu 30 up and down , Probably married , There is a mature charm .

Wu is a delicate woman , A typical southern woman . It's not tall , Slim . Voice of speech , Thin and gentle , The tone is delicate . Shanghai dialect came out of her little mouth , Whiny , It gives people a layer of goose bumps . But listen carefully , It's not artificial at all . She talked about “ It's pleasant ” Come on , It's going to make your legs and stomach soft , Can't stand , Want to fall in her arms . Sometimes I connect orders with Xu ruowen , Close in front , Bright teeth and deep eyes , Waxy and soft in the ear , Warm as lips , That breath is indeed related to “ Exhale like a orchid ” Comparable to .

Xu ruowen wouldn't think of , Will have any trouble with Xiao Wu . Just do your own work every day , Often shirtless , Sweat trickles down the chest . This is the time , Xiao Wu came to the warehouse , See such a look , There's a different smile on your face .

Xu ruowen is 20 years old after all , All over , Youth everywhere . The desire for the opposite sex , Also like the grass sprouting in spring . Sometimes in the morning /* Bo , Like new shoots breaking through the soil at night , Still covered with glittering morning dew , Shining in the sun , stir .

After all, it came from the countryside , Traditional education , Growing up in such a narrow environment . Limited vision , Simple minded . Therefore, Xu ruowen's life is passive .

I don't know how long it took , Since Xiao Wu came to the company , The air seems fresh , There was an excited and lively look on everyone's face . Listen to Xiao Wu's voice again , Like a bird , Gently chirping in my ears all day .

It will soon be the end of the year . The company arranged to go to Qibao new town for dinner this day .

Buffet form , There are a variety of varieties , Take whatever you want . The scene is quite big , Center stage . Lights flashing , crowing . A row of snow-white thighs danced on the stage . Xu ruowen under the stage is nervous , Open your mouth , Keep your eyes open , The food didn't eat much . however , I did have an eye stroke .

Let's push a cup and change a lamp , Women drink red , Men drink white . You come to me to , A lively scene . Drink and drink , Xiao Wu is a little tall . Little face flushed , Swaying and tilting , Looks weak , It's invincible .

Somehow , At the end of the show, the boss asked Xu ruowen to accompany Xiao Wu home . It probably means acting as a bodyguard .

On the way by car , Drunk and confused, Xiao Wu shouted to the driver to change direction , Said to go to the company first , A piece of information has been left , You must take it back first .

Soon , The company has arrived . Xiao Wu helped him out of the car . Xu ruowen opened the door , Reach for the light . At this time , Stick a ball of warm meat on your body , Follow a small hand , Prevented me from turning on the light . meanwhile , A smell of wine and hot air are coming . Unprepared Xu ruowen , I was in a panic , At sea . I don't know what to do , When you want to say something and don't know what to say , The mouth is stuck , I just feel a little tongue stretching out and rubbing there .

Xu ruowen can't stand this , The body reacted immediately . Xiao Wu is like an old driver , Grasp . Xu ruowen wants to retreat , While holding Xiao Wu , For fear that she might fall . Xiao Wu forced me to stick to , They leaned against a desk near the front wall , She still holds... In one hand , One hand took off her skirts and trousers , It doesn't take three or two , It's dark and bright in front of you . At this time , Xiao Wu sat down , fart /* Shares on the table , With your legs open , Pull with one hand , Guide with one hand . Xu ruowen's head swells and his brain is hot , The whole body is like a raging flame , It's hard to be excited .

The battle has begun . However , When Xu ruowen just entered the peach blossom garden , A warm current will pour into the ocean . Xu ruowen has a sense of satisfaction , Feel more full of chagrin . Xiao Wu is still clinging to Xu ruowen's neck and waist . Heart beats... Heart beats , splash , splash . Only the sound of the ebb tide , One by one , With coarse breath , Shrink from the shore to , Until the world is calm .

Wake up the next day , Xu ruowen is very regretful , I'm deeply sorry, Ping . assume : How can I fall in love with ah Ping , On the other hand, he was in a dogfight with Xiao Wu ? The of life cannot be grasped , Who is to blame ?

The world of mortals has been , There are thousands of phenomena in the world . Men face beauty , Don't be Gary , To be played with , Can't dial , Completely cowardly , Without emotion . To be Jia Baoyu , Jia Baoyu's advantage is to respect women , Know how to cherish fragrance and jade . This is not easy to do , Because pity needs capital . To be Liu Xianglian . Have character , Be clean .

At that time, Xu ruowen was like a child , To stumble , Along the way , Feel all the tastes of the world . Now , Many things have become very dull .

life , Like a cup of bitter wine , Drinking and not drinking have happened . Sometimes I want to , If time could go back , It would be nice to have youth again . However , There is no if in life . Only like water, let it die .

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