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Walking in the golden ear field

2021-08-31 18:28:19 Photography

Eat meal , Walk out the door , At a glance, I saw a corn field with gold in green . In the sky , Covered with dark clouds , Even if the sun has set , Still reveals the stubbornness of light . Walking in the field , Feel the evening breeze , It's like a girl in silk embracing you , Both body and mind have been sublimated .

The corn field after evening

When I look back again , I found that the sky was dim , The golden ears of corn shake their heads , Fluttering in the wind , It's a picture of a dream , It's so beautiful , I really want such a time to stay here forever , Never pass , But the moment you want to keep , Has passed in intoxication . It's completely dark , Without the beauty of the last moment , unfortunately , Alas! !

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