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"Plastic" sets up environmental protection consciousness, and "bag" takes white pollution -- an investigation on the plastic ban order

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Practice process :2021 year 6 month 28 Japan , In the early stage of practice, the team will focus on the theme 、 Offline meetings on team names and other issues , The team members warmly discussed the place and way of this social practice , Finally decided to conduct field research , The research direction is determined, and the use of plastic products is investigated through practice , Understand the implementation progress of the plastic ban order and the feasibility of the plastic ban order , In order to find and solve the current problem of plastic pollution .7 month 10 Day in the morning , After the members of the practice team gathered in Anhui University of Finance and Economics , Go to Longhu vegetable market in Bengbu City 、 Red leaf vegetable market 、 INtime 、 Wuyue square 、 Century Huayun and other places know and record the degree of understanding of the plastic ban order by merchants 、 The current packaging method and whether the plastic bag is degradable . In Longhu vegetable market and market , Most people cooperate actively and smoothly , During the visit and investigation , It is difficult for most people to distinguish between degradable and non degradable plastic bags , Team members use the Internet to query and ask vendors about prices and material differences , Effectively explain the characteristics and differences between the two . During the investigation, the team members also hid something from a small number of businesses , Said only degradable plastic bags , Team members can only identify whether the merchant's statement is true by touching those plastic bags on the spot . In the process of investigating the merchants of milk tea shops , Team members should find as many milk tea shops as possible for interviews , Brand name , There are also snacks in the street . The shop assistants interviewed were very cooperative , The answers to the questions raised are very detailed , And the survey students also buy a cup of milk tea in each store , Actually check whether its straw or cup has degradable identification , Is it consistent with what the clerk said , Then make a detailed record . But because milk tea shops are scattered , It's hot in summer , Not every family can interview face-to-face , therefore , The research team used online interviews to check the milk tea cups and straws of some distant milk tea shops , And some businesses that do not have the plastic ban have also made plastic restrictions . The research team in the shopping mall cannot handle it centrally due to the dispersion of markets, supermarkets and other places , The area is relatively prosperous , There is no appropriate time to enter the practical investigation and most businesses refuse to cooperate with the investigation , Therefore, we can only expand the scope of research and other ways to increase the number of inquiries and visits .

practice : After a series of plastic restriction orders " The investigation of , We found that we still have a deep understanding of the plastic restriction order . When asked if he knew " Plastic restriction order " And whether it supports “ Plastic restriction order ” During implementation , The vast majority said they knew and supported this policy . They think this measure is very beneficial to environmental protection , Everyone supports this policy , When traveling or shopping, they will choose to bring their own environmental protection bags instead of using the plastic bags provided by supermarkets . But another part of the public pointed out , This policy is not feasible , And bring inconvenience to daily life . Moreover, it is still difficult to fundamentally eliminate the manufacture and use of plastic bags . In the course of our investigation , Team members learned that the current promotion of Bengbu plastic ban order is not comprehensive , The state promotes this " Plastic restriction order ” The starting point is quite good, but the implementation is not very good . Many people don't use plastic bags in supermarkets , But there are still quite a few people who don't care about the dime and buy plastic bags . In the milk tea shop , Most people are critical of replacing plastic straws with paper straws . The situation is even more severe in markets and fairs , Only some businesses are willing to pay high prices for biodegradable bags . thus it can be seen , The implementation of the plastic restriction order still needs to be strengthened . Yes " Plastic restriction order " The implementation of the enterprise should take strong measures from the source to urge the enterprise to produce durable 、 Environmentally friendly shopping bags that are easy to recycle , Encourage consumers to make rational use of plastic shopping bags , So as to promote the rational utilization of resources and protect the ecological environment , Further promote energy conservation and emission reduction . Consumers need to examine their original living habits and improve them , In order to improve the environment for survival and development, each of us should start with me , Minimize the use of plastic bags and various plastic products , Everyone can take the initiative to protect the environment , Save energy and resources , Protect the ecological environment .

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