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Gilt the soul

2021-08-31 18:35:31 Life journey

With age , Rich experience , The perspective of thinking becomes diverse , Not pleased by external gains , Not saddened by personal losses , The heart is more calm and refined .

The soul walks slowly in the paths , No hurry, no dryness . Your smile , Your annoyance , Panoramic view . Added several layers of filters , Still see the context .

Don't let the soul walk alone , There's no light in my eyes , Do something small and meaningful , Or make a small handicraft 、 Or extract a few resonant or enlightening sentences , Time leaves a string of beautiful footprints .

Plating the soul with Phnom Penh , Thoughts don't rust , Work more and more thoroughly . One thing 、 In a word , Can't annoy . Like a wild goose flying in the sky overlooking ants moving , Understanding that survival is not easy , Cherish having .

Don't fight, don't rob , Not that I have too much , But my soul disdains to join the disturbance , Peace of mind leads to distance .

Plating the soul with Phnom Penh , Think and act in one .

2021 year 8 month 25 Japan   night     In prayer

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