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Philip's dog licking diary

2021-08-31 18:35:35 Life journey

Finally finished reading today 《 The shackles of human nature 》 About Philip's dog licking love , When you look , I want to kill Mildred , Also want to kill Philip !

—— Philip ( middle class , He studied medicine in London , There is a lame )

—— Mildred ( Restaurant maid , Love money , Don't love Philip )

—— Emir miller ( A small German businessman with a wife and children )

—— Griffith ( Philip “ Good friends ”, Resident doctor )


Philip accompanied his friend to the restaurant where Mildred worked , It was a good friend who took a fancy to Mildred , But this woman is cold to people she doesn't like , A word of “ It doesn't matter to me ” Send away all men who have the desire to pursue , Very cold to Philip , Also very cold to Philip's friends . Because of this coldness and indifference , It led Philip to fall madly in love with her , Want to be close to her , Further development , Even eat in this restaurant on time every day , Go to her desk , Just to have a word with her .

In the same period, Miller often came to this hotel , Miller is more talkative than Philip , Can make Mildred tremble with beautiful words .

Then Mildred and Philip went out on a date , Because Philip will pay for the carriage , Meal money , Theater money , Ask her , Mind going out ? She said “ It doesn't matter to me ”.


once , Mildred has promised Philip a date for the evening , In the afternoon, Philip saw Miller and Mildred chatting in the restaurant , As a result, she made an excuse that someone at home was ill , You can't go out with Philip . Philip immediately exposed her lie , She said she had nothing to do with Philip , Go out with whoever you want . Philip put down his cruel words , She won't go out with him this time , He will never come to this restaurant again .

As a result, Philip's mind was full of this woman , I think she thought that she had failed two important exams , Finally, I couldn't help going to the restaurant . In the restaurant , Mildred invited Philip out for dinner , Tell him , She's going to marry Miller , The reason is with Miller , There can be... In a week 7 Pound income .

Philip spent 8 Pound bought her a wedding present .


Mildred suddenly came to Philip soon after , Crying that Miller lied to her , Not just a week 7 pounds , Miller and his wife and children , Now I'm pregnant with Miller's child , Cornered , Want Philip to help himself ( Philip had a girlfriend , Dumped his girlfriend for Mildred ). Philip found her a house , Arrange production , follow around , It's easy to pay , allow someone to continue . After the baby is born , Was given to a woman to raise , Philip pays alimony every week .

Not long after giving birth , Philip arranged for her to meet her good friend Griffith , As a result, the handsome Griffith and Mildred bastard looked at the mung beans , Right eye . They also took Philip's money to travel , Philip Baba is looking forward to the woman's return from her trip , Be honest with him , As a result, the woman ran away .

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