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Growth is letting nature take its course

2021-08-31 18:37:07 Life journey

Some time ago, i , The pressure is really a little high , He has a bad temper , Fortunately, I'm on vacation , I've been playing around with my children these days , Visit the museum , The mood gradually relaxed .

But school will start soon , The pressure of the family committee is on the agenda again , I've been bothering about school these days . Of course , Choosing to be a family committee is also my efforts for the growth of my children , I want to know how the children are doing at school , What's the status of her recently , I also hope the teacher will treat her better .

But in fact, this is a utilitarian thing , A little reluctant , So it's not very exciting .

There are so many things waiting for you every day , I need you to do something , You need to make decisions , Every day I am overwhelmed by Affairs , I hope there is a pure land that can let me escape for a short time , I hope I can escape all the time .

But time doesn't stop , The days are moving forward day by day , There is no place for me to stay . If I don't work , If I'm involved in children's school , I am also I don't know how other children grow up , How other parents get along with their children , This is also an opportunity to grow up .

The so-called growth , No, I learned how to face those things , Not how to complete the task assigned by the teacher , But how to face yourself , How to spend every day and every second .

Many times I don't know the meaning of doing these things here , No purpose 、 It makes no sense 、 No one else , I just want to hide in my own world .

However , The rules of the world are like this , Learn how to get along with yourself in the process of doing things and getting along with others , How to treat yourself , How to walk through every journey with kindness and wisdom .

About to enter middle age , You need to take on more and more , You need to pay more and more , But can you still love yourself , Be considerate of your own difficulties , See your weaknesses , But gently comfort her , Let yourself know , You are your own safe haven , Just see yourself , Back here , You are at ease .

Don't live by other people's rules , Don't practice in other people's hearts , In this life, we can only accompany ourselves , therefore , The person who should be treated well is himself .

With your parents , Let them know , We can be independent , Can live well in this world , So they have to let go . With children , Let them know , One day she will grow up , Will face the world alone , But we can love ourselves , Treat yourself , Use all the tenderness and warmth to be kind to yourself , Be kind to the people around you .

I used to think , Growth is just a summary of learning experience , Not this time , Just learn it next time , But this is just skill growth , More importantly, inner growth , See yourself , Allow yourself to be happy 、 happy 、 Live in the moment with peace of mind .

The past no longer exists , The future is still in the future , All we have is the present , So don't worry about the past or the future , It doesn't matter whether it's the leader or the next door , That has nothing to do with you , What makes sense is the present you , The feeling of the moment , The choice now .

little does one think , Summer is going to pass so soon , Autumn has quietly come to us , Although it's still a little hot , But the wind is already slightly cool , Four seasons come back , Circle of life .

May the second half of the year , I can be with myself all the time .

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