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Don't love, please don't hurt

2021-08-31 18:42:18 Photography

Maybe it's because we have cats and dogs since childhood , I especially like small animals when I was young , Seeing cats and dogs, they want to touch , If you meet stray cats and dogs, try to help them , Even buy a ham sausage to feed them .

the other day , See the whole network of caring people looking for a little kerky struggling in the washing machine , Its young age was abused by the so-called master , Finally, it was thrown into the washing machine , Shoot a video of a wounded dog wailing and struggling to survive and show off on the Internet , How shameless a person must be to do such a thing .

Can a dog bought with his own money be tortured at will , A person , There is no conscience ? Don't love , I won't raise it , Why hurt ?

I should have found the dog today , Still alive . But the so-called owner who abused it was not punished , Really angry .

I really hope the state can introduce laws to protect these hairy children as soon as possible , Don't let them get hurt again . At the same time, we must severely punish those who hurt and abuse small animals , Now it's animals that abuse , Who can guarantee that they won't hurt people in the future ? When they reach out to the children, it will be too late ?

Those who take pleasure in abusing animals must be severely punished , It is urgent .

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