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2021-08-31 18:43:25 Photography

        I feel like I haven't written seriously for a while , Every day's Day is a little more casual . Maybe life is peaceful and light , Emotionally numb , Step by step life every day , There is also a lack of inspiration for writing .

        Because Star chaser Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo , Tiktok is the only thing I need to do everyday , Look at the dynamics of them , The news in the entertainment industry will also come into sight , There are a lot of melons this year , Wu Xingxing was jailed on suspicion of having sex with minors , Yesterday, it was revealed that the host surnamed Qian was suspected of drugging a plain guest two years ago . What a mess ! The circle is not an ordinary mess , Chaos that ordinary people can't understand , It looks bright , In fact , In private , It's really not what I and other mortals can imagine .

      Today is the sons' birthday , It's also my 12th wedding anniversary with Lao Yu . Eleven years ago today , I deliberately chose this day to have my sons born by caesarean section , Also for two special anniversaries , convenient .

        As the old saying goes : Son's birthday, mother's bitter day , Really , Every mother is great , It's not easy , Most of one's life is to complete growth , Work , marry , Child , parenting , Take the next generation , Provide for the aged , die …… Such a cycle . Most people are taking such a road that they can see the boss and the scenery along the way , It's just that the people you meet are different from the scenery .

        Er Bao has many birthday wishes , One by one satisfied him , In his words : Birthday once a year , I'm not allowed to ask ! Yeah , People's demands are justified , There is no reason not to satisfy him , Dabao doesn't mention it , He didn't ask , Let it . Er Bao's idea basically represents his will , There's no need to mutter again .

      I'm going to work tomorrow , Three days off in a row , I haven't done anything successful , The confused day passed , Another day passed when I was the youngest and most beautiful .

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