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Knowledge Park in memory

2021-08-31 18:43:28 Photography

In front of the library we often visit , There is a traffic intersection , Cars come and go here every day . It's diagonally opposite the intersection , Once there was a vibrant Knowledge Park .

This place , Push the window to see the field , Open the door, green .

Every time I pass here , Will take the sisters for a walk , Let the sisters get close to nature, vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants , Feel the little surprise brought to us by this knowledge Park .

Quiet 、 warm 、 happy 、 Happiness within !

Knowledge Park is not big , The park is surrounded by a white fence , There are all kinds of seasonal vegetables in the garden , Every time I see this green world , It's like being in a new countryside .

What a pity , Today's Knowledge Park no longer exists , The park has been replaced by new houses .

Green in memory , Attentive pastoral life !

    ——2018. 04.26 With the beat

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