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Another taste of rain beating banana

2021-08-31 18:47:59 Photography

State of mind

After autumn in Shu , The rain is getting denser , The unexpected rain caught the Meteorological Bureau unprepared . Late last night , Are cruising in their sleep , Suddenly, the sound of raindrops hitting the rain shelter like plantains , I was shocked by the beauty in my dream . therefore , Get up and listen to the rain , Think of Li Qingzhao adding words and picking mulberry seeds : Who grows banana trees in front of the window ? It's overcast in the atrium ; It's overcast in the atrium , Yeyexinxin 、 Relax and have spare feelings . Sad pillow three more rain , A little rain ; A little rain , Worry about the loss of northerners 、 I'm not used to hearing ! Bit by bit rain in Li CI Ren's works , The sound of beating on banana leaves , It makes people want to be drunk and sad . Although I am not full of sadness , But it's also sleep elimination , simply , Have a cup of coffee , Set a thief to catch a thief !

Now that I'm awake , Sitting dry is not the best option , therefore , Click on the novel you are writing , From the beginning .

Thoughts have access , My heart goes back to the mountain village decades ago , The boy who doesn't know what sorrow is , Many past events in the process of growing up in autumn wind and rain after autumn . All of a sudden , In the rain came a woman's cry , The side ears in front of the window , The sound disappeared again , Sit back , The sound sounded again . It's a little weird ? therefore , Think of those Liaozhai stories , It feels funny . You didn't expect , It's an advertising female song pushed on the mobile web page , Because it is intertwined with the sound of rain , Become crying . Turn off your phone now , Drink three or five mouthfuls of coffee , Turn off the lights and continue to dream like the rain beating plantains .

night , Suddenly quiet , Despite the rain, plantains continued !

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