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Xia Yu (3)

2021-08-31 18:48:37 Life journey

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The city where Xia Yu is located is already very cold in November , Xia Yu put on his down jacket and scarf early , My friend said he wrapped himself into zongzi so early , Do you have to wear a quilt in winter .

Xia Yu said , Yeah , It's winter now , Didn't it just start winter a few days ago . Xia Yu's life is always drizzling , modest .

In the company , Meet a fellow countryman , He is two years older than Xia Yu , Xia Yu thinks she is a peer , Because the villagers did not lose the moisture and vitality of young people with age , He is very cheerful and lively .

It's just that almost the second thing she does except work is to find someone , She just 20 How old , It feels like a marriage crisis , For this mood , Xia Yu is very understanding .

Before work today , The townsman said he made an appointment with a guy to see . My colleagues are busy again. For this matter , Say how to dress up , First send a picture to see , Everyone is concerned about the life and death of the villagers , In Xia Yu's view , Is it not that everyone is bored to make fun of her .

Where there are people, trouble exists , In the clothing industry , More women , You can imagine everything every day . Xia Yu has long been used to these things , There's nothing to hold up controversy against .

It's another Sunday , Try to delay one more minute in the morning and sleep one more minute , Working overtime again . Xia Yu sometimes wants to , Their ability to stop is so poor , In case there's nothing to do , I have become a “ Basket case ”.

Arrive at the company every morning , Pour a glass of lemon hot water , Soak a bag of hot milk , Xia Yu starts the day's work . Xia Yu doesn't know , How many girls like yourself are there in life , Every day like this “ Common ” To live , Occasionally a little fun decorates your day .

Xia Yu wants to explain her simple appearance first , For those in my heart , Let summer rain go first . The important thing is not to put it last , Xia Yu's salary is not high , But I like to have a lot of my time , It has nothing to do with how much wealth .

Like watching movies , Like to record the little things around you , Clearly know that they are in life “ indifferent 、 Heart of stone ” People who , But sometimes , For a scene seen on the road , A little animal , A movie line , Blurred eyes .

A person's life is wonderful , isolated , Also quiet , But what I don't understand is , Sometimes summer rain can be lovely , I don't know if she did it on purpose .

There are not many friends , Even in a city , As if you don't know . It's off work today , Xia Yu wears headphones , Go home and wait for the bus with a happy mood . But a strange man accosted , Ask if you can have a movie with , Say Xia Yu is like a star .

Xia Yu is flattered , And the man foolishly compared a scissors hand , Freeze the messy moment of summer rain , The man said thank you , travel far .

Xia Yu doesn't know which star she has touched , broken , Is it a new means of fraud . Xia Yuxiang , It seems that you should pay attention to some when you go out to work these days .O(∩_∩)O ha-ha ~, Let all storms come , Come on , I'm not afraid of cockroaches , I have a lot of nerves , Not afraid , Xia Yu took the bus and ran back to rent a house , Look back from time to time , Can you feel the look in your eyes ?

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