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Beijing Botanical Garden

2021-08-31 18:50:16 Photography

The Beijing Botanical Garden, which has just entered autumn, does not have the flowers in spring , It's not like the heat in midsummer , Everything is just fine .

Among trees , The crape myrtle, known as hundred day red, bloomed at the right time , Colorful places are decorated in the green trees . The rest is some grass and flowers . Hairpin flowers like Yin , They grow under big trees , The refreshing fragrance can be smelled from afar .

As the saying goes, there is no Wutong tree. , No Golden Phoenix . But the Wutong, our common name, is not Wutong. , Its academic name is sycamore . The true Wutong tree's balls are like wings. , The seeds are attached to it . Li Qingzhao's Wutong is drizzle. , To the evening , Dribs and drabs . Let the Wutong tree add a bit cold and chilly. .

In the Arboretum , And to our surprise, there are catalpa trees hanging like cowpea horns , A cedar cone like a greyish green dinosaur egg , Large leaf park with unique leaf shape ……

I have been to the botanical garden so many times over the years , Today is the least number of tourists . Walking along the plank road of cherry ditch , On both sides are rare Metasequoia forests in the north . Metasequoia is known as a living fossil , It has existed on earth for hundreds of millions of years . There was no noisy crowd , Quietly watching the sun through the treetops , Listen to the gurgling water nearby , It's kind of like walking through a time tunnel .

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