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After all, the charming peach and plum spring breeze town at night has become a scenery in the eyes of many people

2021-08-31 18:50:58 Photography

        People who have been to Hangzhou Taoli Chunfeng town , The impression of the day here , Except for the picturesque scenery , There should be two more words : quiet . Especially in summer .

        Because the summer sun is always too hot , Put people back in the house , No special government regulations , Everyone consciously and unnecessarily , Don't go out . And the night in the town , It has become the essence of local people's summer life .

        If the day in the town is an elegant cold dish of jade dishes , Then the night in the town is a steaming gluttonous meal .

        Whenever night falls , The cool wind blows , Several shops in chunfengli commercial block in the center of the town , Coffee shops, bars, restaurants …… There were fireworks everywhere , Lights up one by one , These lights also light up the nightlife of small town people .

        If it coincides with a legal holiday or weekend , You may come across a night market organized by family in a small town 、 Theatrical performances and folk entertainment , The festival atmosphere is even comparable to the Spring Festival Gala .

                            ( Town Mid Autumn Festival Party )

        The night market should always be lively . Bright flashing lights 、 A dazzling array of goods 、 Delicious barbecue 、 Sweet and refreshing beer 、 Sweet and colorful desserts …… Full of human fireworks , The air is like the smell of love . The scene is not inferior to the bustling night market in big towns .

                          ( Small town night market )

        This weekend in town , I was lucky to meet my family in the town live Show and hula hoop competition . in fact , As we walked after dinner, we were attracted by a burst of singing . because , It doesn't sound like a casual grasshopper or amateur . Everyone marveled at the song 、 The dancer's specialty 、 The skill of the instrument performer , The applause and cheers went higher and higher . Don't doubt the identity of the performer , They're not the big guy they invited , They are all town owners .

        A small town with crouching tigers, hidden dragons , There are often state-level professional literary and artistic celebrities performing for their neighbors , And such a high specification 、 The performance of grounding gas , It's all free . As long as you're in town , You can watch .

                  ( The singer is interacting with small fans )

        Compared with the powerful song and dance scene , Tonight's hula hoop competition venue is slightly less popular , But all the contestants have unique skills , Passionate performances burn calories at the same time , It also lit the summer night in the town .

        I saw a strong man among the contestants , I thought the participants were all female compatriots , But there are men who dare to challenge ! Look at other people's natural and unrestrained 、 A soft and firm rocking posture , Enchanting yet strong , Let's call : good heavens ! Brother , You're going to beat the rhythm of the circle !

        Another slender little sister , Dress very casually , Just wear your slippers and go to war ! It's also fast and stable 、 In no hurry . Only when you have strength can you be so confident , Is this the legendary calm sister ? I've tried , It belongs to the kind of player who can't exercise in sports shoes .

        I think , Everyone walking in the town tonight should be happy . Because happiness is really contagious , With happy people , No matter how hard the day is, it will shine with happiness . tonight , Away from the noisy town , There is a trace of romance in Lijiang ancient town, Yunnan .

      Suddenly I understand , Many people encounter setbacks and disappointments , Why do you choose to take a walk away from home . Because it's the road , It's the scenery , Scattered is the mood , And the harvest is happiness , Maybe this happiness is short , but , This happiness will quickly cure your troubles and depression .

        Actually , Whether it's antique traditional architecture , Or the garden landscape with oriental artistic conception , Even a corner of a modern city , If there is smoke and fire , Then there is warmth , With the integration of flowers, landscape and Architecture , Then there is vitality and charm .

        Taoli Chunfeng town , With such charm and anger . It gives people the pursuit of living space and spiritual space , It's fun to play 、 One tea and one meal give people more freedom and indifference ; It's a stone and a wood 、 Brick by brick also gives people more understanding and expectation of life .

        Happiness is never built with money , But with love . A life really worth living , It's not your place on the Forbes list , But you have a clean circle , Do what you like to do with a group of like-minded people . Taoli Chunfeng's owner's family , All in their own way , Silently expressed his love for his home , It also explains the true meaning of happiness . Night in town , All show their love for life .

                              ( The night in the town )

        In the years of smoke and dust , A young and vibrant town , It also attracted the attention of more people outside , It leaves people more than imagination and memory , Every lamp of it 、 Each tile , It is full of the deep feelings of the town builders and people living here for the town . after all , A small town with such a tantalizing night , Beauty has become a scenery in the eyes of many people .

        It is said that small cities can't hold souls , Big cities can't hold flesh , If you want to find a place for your mind and body , You might as well come to Taoli Chunfeng, a town integrating urban and rural areas .

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