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The flowers on the roadside bloom and fall in turn . When the neem tree blooms , Just when spring is strong , Lilac flowers covered the branches all the way , Enrich the happiness of the commute .

The net graph invades to delete


When the flowers bloom , Just like when I was a teenager .

The spring breeze is mighty , Fragrance all the way . Every day after , His eyes are greedy for the flowers in front of him , Surge of emotion surge , I really want to stop , The life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea is earned by others , I just want to bloom with neem until the tea Blossom .

Think like this , Sophie couldn't help but stop and take out her cell phone " Make love " Take pictures , The locals cast a disdainful glance , Continue to fly by , They don't treat neem flowers as flowers , Because there are so many , Year after year , They have long turned a blind eye . By contrast , Sophie seems like a child who has never seen the world , Meet a flowering tree , Enough to make yourself happy all day .

If there is enough time , She will drive slowly with little Yadi , When there is no one on the road, just stop , Take out your books , Quietly turn over a few pages , Or meditate , In a daze , Send some photos of the same kind here and now , Or do nothing , Just stand like a tree with them .

At that moment , Years static good , The world is beautiful .

Good things always disappear unconsciously , It's disappointing , uneasy . After a few rains , The neem flowers fell , The leaves are thickly covered with branches , Green in the eyes .

Look at the calendar , Only then did I know that it was summer .

The neem flowers fell , Are you really gone forever ?2

All spring , Sophie only looked at Zhang Ailing's 《 Half life fate 》, Over and over again , Like a cow ruminating .

In fact, my heart is at a loss , Although his eyes are fixed on the book , But no word fell in my heart . Up to now , Fewer and fewer people can be trusted , The people who can talk are even checked again. Few people .

Even if there is , Too lazy to contact .

Danfeng is Z Friend, , Because I read Sophie's article on enjoy broadcasting , I think Sophie is a person who really loves words , So I actively added . Sophie was going to refuse , However, she can't refuse a person who loves words as much as herself .

She didn't know that her words were appreciated . I always feel that Danfeng and she have bad intentions . In terms of words , She has never been recognized by the Ark , Small articles sent in space , He hardly looked at . How she wished he would treat her like other friends , Will give her words serious correction , A complaint . However, she has never been treated like this , in the course of time , I can't help losing faith in writing .

After this , Anyone who says her words are good . She thought it was a compliment .

When Danfeng said she added her because she read her words , Sophie always thought he was lying , I even think there is something to laugh at her .

She hardly talks to him , Occasionally talking is also an unhappy parting . Danfeng said she was cold , Withdrawn . Where does he know , Her heart was once hot , Burned , It's been extinguished like fireworks ?

She needs to be covered with thorns like a cactus to protect herself .

Danfeng was hurt by her stab , Sophie feels sorry , She also knew that he was true , I just don't want to admit , Probably because Z Why , She was confused herself .

She often asks herself , Really hate Z Do you ?3

Almost no more people . Because it doesn't update for a long time , People who pay attention are moving away and silent .

Sophie lay on her pillow without emotion , Bored to turn a Book of poems over and over . This morning , The cicadas outside the yard are noisy , The heat wave is as hot as a wave with the cicada's cry .

The sound of TV came from the living room , It's what my son likes 《 Crayon Shin Chan 》, Yehara's family is always nervous and busy in the morning . Sophie threw the poetry aside , I grabbed my cell phone again . Others play mobile phones mostly in the online sea , And she ? Internet business to her is just a thing of the past .

Sophie is not a person who can't live without a mobile phone . Every time I come to the company , Bag 、 mobile phone 、 Put the car key on the desk and ignore it , Unless someone calls , Or call yourself out . Or open wechat to read in surplus time , Listen to cool music when you're bored . That's it .

The noisy noise outside the hospital began to annoy people . Sophie wants to play a light music to relieve the atmosphere at this time , I don't know, but I ordered the whole people K song . You have to quit immediately , The red dots of the message icon are particularly eye-catching , Standing like an old friend , Waiting to meet it ." Old man ? Who will it be? ? Who will remember me ?" Thinking , Sophie opened it one by one following the red dots , She couldn't believe it would be Z.

Yes ,Z Come over . She used to hate Z hate to the marrow . If it weren't for her intervention , Maybe she and the ark can …… At least it will be a good friend forever . But because of her , They broke up completely , Not even friends , Even stranger than strangers .

She still remembers her provoking in front of the Ark , Said Sophie fawned on her . Such words deeply hurt the dignity of a lion girl . I just praised her for her good writing , It's the truth . She couldn't figure out why she was fawning to tell the truth ? Is there such hypocrisy in the world ?

From now on , Sophie deleted Z. thereafter , In the circle of literary friends , Sophie doesn't even like it , Don't comment on the good or bad of anyone's words , She hasn't communicated with wen you for a long time , Some people can't stand indifference , Quietly left , It's like I've never met .

later , Sophie went to a foreign land , Be with yourself , Make friends with plants , Live alone . She lived like a tree , Of couse , silent , No words .

Sophie looked at Z Message , Just two words : Cheyenne . There's something strange inside , On this hot summer morning , In the noise of cicadas , Say Cheyenne , Bring inner peace . It seems as if the previous life has been buried in Xiangqiu , They meet in the afterlife .

Cyber sea meets , And no more words , Just say Cheyenne . From now on , Peace at the end of the world .

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