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The role of coincidence in the shooting of shadow into three cars ~ street

2021-08-31 18:51:11 Photography

original / Heart travel ~ The first 82 piece

chart / writing : Bi Yi

《 The shadow becomes three cars ~ Make good use of coincidence in street photography 》

      Li Bai's 《 Drink alone under the moon 》 There is a famous sentence through the ages , Raise your glass to invite the moon , Three for the shadow . And I'm in the evening , Catch up with “ The afterglow sprinkles the earth , The shadow becomes three cars ”.

      Speaking of this work , What an incredible coincidence . Of course , Good luck is on the one hand . But there is an adage : Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared .

      Yeah , As a photographer , The camera is their weapon 、 Tools , Or a pen for writing emotions . And now , The convenience of mobile photography , So many photographers will shoot more with mobile phones in their life , Take notes of life , Convenient and quick , Share beautiful pictures , Unlimited communication . And the shooting of this picture , Because the cell phone is in hand , To fight at any time .

      Remember that day after work , Go west along this road . The sun sets late in summer , It's almost six o'clock and it's so dazzling .

      At this crossroads , Just in time for the red light , Everyone stood on the side of the road and waited . here , A young man riding a shared bike suddenly stopped at the zebra crossing .

        My first reaction was , I don't know , Ride there , What a danger ! But soon , I was attracted by its shadow on the ground and the bicycle logo printed on the ground .

      Cyclists , shadow , identification ,“ Three bicycles ” The perfect combination intertwined , And the light and shadow effect at this time , It also makes the cyclist's shadow extremely slender .

        Late at the time , Fast then . Thinking about , The mobile phone has been quickly raised , But I can't see the screen clearly under the strong light of the sunset , I can only press the shutter subconsciously . And just after I press the shutter , The light is green , People and cars began to surge , I also walked across the road with the flow of people , Until I went to find a shade and looked back at the album , Just like the discovery of a treasure , Not only did you get , The composition is perfect .

      Because the light is too strong and dazzling , In addition, the color of nearby cars and light box advertisements is messy , Affect the focus of view , So post processing into black and white effect , Make the main cyclists, shadows and signs on the ground more clearly displayed .

      Street pat , It's so charming . You never know what's going to happen next , But watch carefully , Respond in a timely manner , A seemingly accidental coincidence , It will become an inevitable masterpiece .

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