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Longwenhui notes: art is the symbol of mankind

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    Man should be sound in nature ; however , Since all of us have the possibility of going astray , So the most reasonable thing we can do is to learn from those who can inspire us .

                        ———— Sophocles

Long Wenhui's works 《 hometown 》

      Many arts can be seen as the release of emotion . These released emotions , Either the artist didn't observe them carefully , Or they are suppressed by social ethics . generally speaking , Art has a strong appeal to emotion . It can also be said that , Art is an indispensable balance between human beings' rational and perceptual survival .


Long Wenhui's works 《 Under the stars 》

When the artist is strongly immersed in emotion , In order to avoid losing control of the work , There is often a period of calm down , Jump out of the work and look at the problem , Before you find a way to give your self experience a form of communication with others , Will adjust the experience , Interpretation and amendment .


Long Wenhui's works 《 Home is under the fence 》

  And different from the artist's public , Even if the emotional savings are white hot , Maybe you can express your anger or passion full of love with the wild flow of words or some body movements , But they can't be satisfied with what they really release , Often give up .

Long Wenhui's works 《 Circle of life 》

      And artists don't give up , Even if you didn't try to capture that emotion , In the quieter moments after passion , Artists often use words, paintings or music to express their inner feelings .

Long Wenhui's works 《 Love is in the world 》

      After all, the initial emotional experience is wordless , Therefore, the artist is to find an expression to visit that experience again , Then let this expression condense , Make it permanent , Present to the world . Every poem and painting is an emotion recalled in tranquility . Poet , Painter , composer , Sculptors are recreating emotions , Reshape a world , Give human's initial emotion a structure it can't have , That's another latitude and altitude , Is the source of all art . Is therefore , Including painters , The composer himself , All readers , The audience , Audience , It can also innovate, experience the mind given by the artist, resonate and rejuvenate .


Long Wenhui's works 《 The song of life 》

  The initial human passion or ecstasy or indignation is very personal , And these can be deeply hidden in the artist's soul , After artistic creation, it may become a well-known work .

  Image & Text : Long Wenhui

Long Wenhui's works 《 There is a breeze at home 》


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