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Bai Zhou's diary | going through hardships

2021-08-31 19:05:35 Photography

2021 year 08 month 25 Japan Late at night if you choose suffering , Don't be afraid , The world gives each of us different , We have been practicing all our life , On the way to practice , Extremely difficult , But we have never been afraid and afraid .

Like white clouds in the sky , Gone with the wind . Life is like a cloud , We are just passers-by after all . If we had more choices , Maybe life will be different , But we also have our own ending , In any case , We all have our own choices , Have a different life .

Wandering is the norm , Then I didn't care about anything , In fact, I don't care about the world , No one cares . If one day we meet someone we care about , I will do my best , Protect her all her life . Maybe everything is a cloud , We are just a grain of sand in the world , You don't have to compete with everything .

I went through hardships , So far , Maybe it's all destined , But I just hope we don't regret it in this life . Only life does not regret , No regrets , To make us look forward to .

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