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Aunt Wang Shiguo (89)

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Many years later , When the drizzling rain is hs bay , In this world , I can't find , I can't find Liu er , Those peach blossoms , Will slowly become liu'er's face , Emerge in front of you , The smoke is ethereal , It's like another world .

Most of the mountain girls in those days , Because the idea of son preference is strong , If there is a suitable family , Married very early . Except for the two aunts of xiaofeiyu's family , Many years later , There are still people in the Bay telling jokes about the two aunts of xiaofeiyu's family .

Xiaofeiyu has three aunts , The eldest aunt and the second aunt didn't get married until more than 20 years ago , And their peers , It's all fifteen 、 Married at the age of six , And child brides , Second aunt passed away in the summer of 2002 , At eighty-six .

An old man in the Bay once told jokes : In those days when I couldn't fill my stomach , In the years when the rice was cooked , Neither aunt would marry , Worried about getting married and having no food , Stay at home and refuse to get married , It's twenty-five 、 Six years old to get married .

And after the two aunts got married , Really as they worried , To the day when there is no rice in the pot , All ran back to their mother's house , Run back hs Wan Lai borrows rice from xiaofeiyu's great grandfather .

My great grandfather locked up the rice barn , Start training two aunts :“ Go back to me , Big ones don't borrow , Don't borrow small ones , Not at all , Don't borrow any ……”.

Whenever this time , It's all xiaofeiyu's grandpa , The eldest brother of two aunts , Secretly hiding from my great grandfather , Open the granary , Take out the rice , Zhou Ji his two sisters . Such thing , Grandpa kept it from his great grandfather , I've done it many times .

Aunts and grandmothers may be thinking of Grandpa's old relief , Later years , They have a good life , Those two aunts , And their children , When Grandpa was old , Grandpa is treated with special care .

And when my aunt and grandmother get married , Because she is the youngest , Here comes the sport , Great grandfather was beaten D 了 , Aunts and grandmothers went directly to be daughters for others , The years to be married , My aunt and grandmother married directly from someone else's house .

For times , Grandpa seems to resent , He never paid much attention to his aunt and grandmother , Although aunts and grandmothers like to stick behind grandpa , Big brother, big brother keeps yelling , Grandpa just ignored her , I don't go to my aunt's house much . To the two sisters , His legs and feet run very hard , When my aunts were still alive , 7、 ... and 、 Eighty years old , I still have something to do. If I have nothing to do, I run to my two sisters' house .

Maybe , In those famine years , share hardship , The days we passed together , It deepened the friendship between sister and brother .

otherwise , Why are brothers and sisters , Grandpa doesn't pay much attention to his aunts and grandmothers ? It's just that I mind my aunt and grandmother when my great grandfather is in trouble , Leave home and go to someone else's house , Recognize others as parents . otherwise , Can't find a better explanation .

In the rumors of the older generation “ Women don't stay , Stay, stay, stay and become enemies .” There is a certain reason , Physically mature , If there is no matchmaker , Between young men and women , Private life , Make some noise , Good things don't go out , Scandal spreads far and wide , At that time , Everyone's face can't stand , The situation is serious , It's really a revenge , You might as well get married earlier .

What happens when you get married , That's another thing . This is probably the first year , Most adopted daughter families , The most practical attitude .

The youth of aunt xiaofeiyu , Blooming years , Still before liberation . In the mountains , It's the age when xiaofeiyu grew up , Among the girls in xiaofeiyu's primary school , All married at the age of twelve .

Xiao Feiyu, two primary school students who married early , A twelve year old , After graduating from the sixth grade of primary school , Just get married . At that time , Xiao Feiyu is in grade one of junior high school , I heard that the classmate got married , I feel like I'm dreaming . And one more , To the first grade of junior high school , Thirteen years old , After dropping out of school and going home , Also married directly .

Many years later , Xiao Feiyu understood : Between people , It's totally different . root : Cognitive and environmental differences , Lead to completely different choices and lives .

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