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People playing electric guitar [street photography]

2021-08-31 19:18:01 Photography

I walked down the street with my camera . It's hot and windless , Sweat kept seeping from his forehead , Scratch with your fingers from time to time , Flow down your fingers , Like a wiper to wipe raindrops off the windshield . It's been a while , There was no scene that forced me to press the shutter , In my heart, I collude with this hot and dry weather .

Cross a bridge along Madao Street , Far away I heard the sound of an electric guitar , Split the dull air , Wake me up when I'm sleepy . Follow the sound and turn into dayoufang Lane , I found him in a small shop selling clothes . In a messy and cramped cabin , He is sitting in the middle, practicing seriously , Light shines through a door , Light up all kinds of clothes , Especially on his coquettish piano .

How can such a scene be missed ! I squatted at the door , Gesturing to him that I wanted to take a picture , He nodded , Keep playing .

For me , He ( To be exact, this is the scene ) Like a switch , Let the restless heart turn into pleasure . If you can't take satisfactory photos that day , This one is enough to make me not lose .

Before leaving , I gave him a thumbs up , He left his smile in my camera .

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