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What kind of person should the most powerful person be

2021-08-31 19:18:05 Photography

Let me tell you the answer slowly

haste makes waste , Look slowly ……

21 year 8 month 25 I went out for a walk in the afternoon , See a very white and small dog ; I instantly remembered the little white I had held , The heart is very sad for a moment ; Because Xiaobai lost it the next day !

That was the first time I was so close to Xiaobai , unfortunately …… Nothing can come back !

All the possession and loss in the world , Is it really meant to be ?

I believe many people have asked themselves this question , But everyone's thoughts are different ; So the conclusion must be something else !

Some are , Some are made the day after tomorrow !

There is no emotion without reason , All emotions are because of care ; If you don't care , How can you be in a mood !

The best , Is someone who takes everything seriously !

The best , She has already looked down on everything in the world ; The world of mortals can't help her , Human feelings can't help her , Because she will never owe anyone ; Fame and wealth can't help her , Because everything in this world ; She just looked in the eye , But never in my heart !

Everything in the world has nothing she wants to possess , Including people !

There's only one person left …… The star …… expect …… The heart of , She will live more freely and freely than anyone !

Because I don't want to get , So there is no sense of gain or loss ; That's why I can be so calm and open-minded !

The best , People who don't want anything ; People who don't want anything , For the best ; Having or losing is luck !

Because it's just a different life !

The reason why people are trapped , All because of desire ; The reason why people want , All because of desire ; The reason why people have too many desires , All because of greed !

If a man has no desire , What can the world do for you ?

If a man has no desire , The gains and losses are the same ; So your life , There will be no more pain and difficulties !

The reason why all the torture and injury occur , It's all because your heart doesn't follow fate !

If you follow your luck at any time , Then you will see another brilliance or brilliance in your life

What fate gives you is the real priceless treasure

Good night,

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