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Miss a bowl of hand rolling noodles (Continued)

2021-08-31 19:20:06 Life journey

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The elder sister can't care to shake off the dust on her body , Immediately take out a few bowls of flour from the snake skin bag , Put it in an enamel washbasin . Mother wiped the strip with a rag ( Rectangular table ), So that the elder sister can roll noodles on the long strip . The elder sister took a copper spoon and took out water from the water tank , Pour into the washbasin , She mixed the flour slowly with chopsticks , The smell of wheat slowly floated out of the basin .

The elder sister took out a little flour and sprinkled it evenly on the strip , Then pour the flour mixed in the washbasin onto the long strip . The elder sister rubbed the flour with both hands , Knead the flour until it turns into dough , Like mud that can make bricks .

Mother didn't see any delicious toppings , She thought that there were fresh leeks in the vegetable field at the back door . She took a sickle to the back door and cut a handful of leeks , Went to the beach in front of the door to wash .

The elder sister took the rolling pin , Sprinkle a little flour on the dough . The rolling pin is in the elder sister's hand , Keep rolling , The dough also slowly becomes thin and transparent . My eyes also turn back and forth with the rolling rolling pin , Afraid of it running away . The elder sister sprinkled a layer of flour on the rolled noodles , Fold it up , Cut noodles with a kitchen knife , Let it dry .

Mother cooked a wok of water on the stove , The water boils in the straw fire , Moisture slowly ran out of the lid of the wok . The elder sister poured the cut noodles into the boiling water , Stir with chopsticks and cover the wok . The noodles rolled in the wok, floating and sinking , The attractive aroma came out from the crack in the middle of the wok cover .

Sister lifted the lid of the wok and quickly poured in leeks , Add yellow crude salt , Then he took out a little meat oil from the bowl , It makes my mouth water .

( To be continued )

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