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The world of adults

2021-08-31 19:36:45 Photography

How time flies , Time flies . The blink of an eye has come to the age of thirty . Life brings only responsibility and pressure . Happiness and leisure only occasionally appear in dreams .

** At this moment, I deeply understand that there are old and small . Idleness is an original sin , Because there is no gain in idleness , Busy just slightly let the bottom of my heart feel a slight sense of security .**

In the absence of work, some fragmented memories of the reading age will inadvertently flash out , The memory will be incomparably clear and true . It's like going through it again in the third person .

** Is this the multi latitude crossing of the soul out of the body into the memory palace , It means the passage of consciousness , Cross to the once time line and re experience a moment of a time light point , The content may be meaningless , Or maybe to think , Just remember someone .**

This may be a fantastic journey of transient brain death when adult stress reaches a certain peak . Our life is of great significance to our family at this time , Because at this time, I am the day of my family , All the expenses at home need my efforts . Then if the ability is insufficient or the opportunity is not good , Incomparable pressure will oppress the nerves and can't sleep . Your wife and children are looking at you , What will happen to you ?

Will do everything possible to make money , As long as the benefits are maximized , Save yourself , Just to give more to the family , But I clearly know that these are still too much difference , It can only be barely maintained , Every day I also travel on the steel wire of survival , And walking on a tightrope with the family on their back .

therefore , Only keep busy , Will make yourself feel at ease . This is the sadness of this era , We don't live for ourselves , Will you give up ? Have you ever thought about giving up ? I haven't given up anyway , Never thought about it .

** It is said that people's maturity is instantaneous , Now I deeply understand what this sentence stands for . Born a , I apologize . No solid family , Their own ability is only to maintain the family , But I never give up my efforts to make progress and refuel . Life is no worse than it is now .**

In the past two years, I have also encountered a situation like Europe “ The black death ” COVID-19 , Let the already difficult family , It's even harder to live . My original tiktok video , Tiktok can be realized through shaking. , So as to realize the days of living with his wife and children , But after an inexplicable title , I lost my source of income .

** Then I was a little flustered , Have no choice but to , After three more days at home , He resolutely went to work in the next city , No vacation , A day off is a day's salary . Now it has been more than a month without real contact with family .**

The child was just 5 More than a month , Fortunately, technology is powerful , Let's meet every other screen every day , But still in a casual solitude , Inexplicably feel sour nose and wet eye frame . The previous pressure was nothing more than how many points you could get in the next exam ?

Now it's how much money you can earn ? What do you need to do to create more value for your family . Personal emotions and other needs are extravagant expectations , I won't think so much .

The adult world is full of all kinds of pressures and temptations , Every adult needs someone or something to guard , That proves you're an adult , Not a giant baby .

Life is also full of uncertainty . We're not sure which came earlier... Death or accident , All we can know is to make ourselves walk more steadily on the steel wire of life . Because I'm not alone anymore , There can be no accident .

** I believe after death , You won't end your consciousness , Just go to a new world and start a new journey of consciousness , Maybe that trip will dissipate the old consciousness .**

The adult world is more helpless and forced . however , Anyway? , The road still has to go on , I believe in persistence , We will get better and better .

The wind has heard our whispers , The rain felt our cry , Snow has felt our inner passion . We still keep these , Just wait for another day , By that time we had got rid of these present difficulties .

** come on. , Every persistent adult .**

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