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The sun is setting and the lights are on at night. You see, the world is not bad( (lower)

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15. The sun is setting , There are lights on at night , You see, the world is not bad .

        ——《 non-inductive 》

16. Show your true face . There is no need to please others , There is no need to aggrieve yourself .

         —— Bi shumin 《 Just right happiness 》

17.“ If life is too tired, take a vacation from life , Life is not to get on the way , But feel the way ”

18. Need to know , Every diamond before it is found , Have to endure the lonely time of buried dust .

         —— Bi shumin

19. Let's go out with hope every day , If things go wrong , Then take hope home , Take a rest , Continue to take you out tomorrow . 

         —— Zhu Deyong

20. You silently turn to one side , Facing the night . The depths of the night , It's a dense lamp . They're always together , We always have to see each other again . bye , To see you again .

         —— Gu Cheng 《 bye 》

21.“ People are dead. , It becomes a star .”

“ Why become a star ?”

“ Shine a light on those who walk through the night .”

         —— Shi Tiesheng

22. Everyone's life is the same , Lost the key several times , I lost some umbrellas , I've never seen you lose your key and you'll never go home , If you lose your umbrella, you'll be in the rain all your life , It's impossible to lose someone and die alone , What are you afraid of .

23. Who doesn't wear makeup these days , As soon as you change your clothes , Can become a beautiful sister in the eyes of others , So love yourself , Don't aggrieve yourself ,  You are the limited edition !

24.“ If you see a shadow in front of you , Please don't be afraid of , That's because there's sunshine behind you .” 

         ——《 K.O.3an Guo 》

25. There are some things , It's not that the thicker the better , Just right . Let's talk about it in a simple way , We walked slowly along the long road .

         —— Bi shumin 《 Just right happiness 》

26. How to spend the low tide of life ?

Wait quietly ; Sleep well ; exercise , Whenever you have a good body, you need ; Talk to close friends , Basically no complaints , It's mainly about remembering happy times ; Read more , Look at some biographies , improve knowledge , By the way, you can also see how others survived when they were unlucky ; Take the opportunity to do housework , Finish all the work that you don't usually care about .

         —— Bi shumin

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