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A little guilty!

2021-08-31 19:39:12 Literary frequency modulation

Um. , I don't feel very well recently !

First work , At present, the situation is becoming more and more serious , Various assessment indicators fall like snowflakes , Just forget that one of them is not finished , This month is directly behind the middle level !

You must have missed the task ?

I said, , The task was well done , And it's overfulfilled , But always forget those humble jobs , These humble , Is the most serious point deduction . What is done is routine , And the most important ones !

I feel very tired recently , Last night I worked overtime until three in the morning , In the unit, I lay in bed and fell asleep without taking off my shoes , I was awakened by a noise at eight this morning , When I woke up, I looked at the stubble growing in the mirror , Eyes pass through , Greasy face , Wash your face with cold water , I thought I had to devote myself to intense work !

I didn't expect the leader to let me go back and have a rest for a day , It's also , Recently, the children who went to work in the morning are still sleeping , Go home at night , The baby is asleep too , Two days ago, the leader asked that the work intensity was a little high , Does the family have any complaints ? I wanted to say there must be , The wife said you've been making dollars lately ? Not at home !

But I can't say that to the leader ? When I got to my mouth, I swallowed it again , I said it was okay , Everything is fine at home , It's just that I haven't gone out with my son for a long time , The leader said me too , I haven't been home for nearly half a month , Sleep in the office every day ! That's what the leaders said , What else can I say ? It can only be said that leadership is harder , Although we often work overtime , But at least I can go home at night , Watch the child sleep , I feel at ease ! The leader said hard , Go back to rest . I immediately picked up my bag , Changed into civilian clothes , Ride a small electric donkey and drive home .

It's more than nine o'clock when I get home , The child woke up , My wife didn't go to work until noon , The child saw my excitement , It makes me feel a little uncomfortable , Ashamed of the family , Be ashamed of your children !

I played with the children for a while , The wife goes to cook , Let me have a rest , Leave the children to my parents , Let me leave it alone , I said it was OK , I can play at home with , My wife looked at me and said “ Going on , Even if you are still young, your body will collapse sooner or later ! Take a break first , When you wake up, go find the child .” I said, “ All right !”

When I woke up, it was already three o'clock in the afternoon , Hungry cooing , Open the refrigerator and have a look , Squid , There's shredded meat , There are ribs , I cooked a bowl of shredded squid noodles with spare ribs soup , He patted his stomach contentedly and threw the bowl aside , Then go find your son !

It was said to cook a good meal at home today , As a result, I met my wife working overtime , They don't eat there , I must be hungry , I made a few phone calls and left her alone , We eat by ourselves , Finally I put the food on the table , Thinking of waiting for her to pick her up after work , Then heat the food .

Um. , That's all , She hasn't finished work yet , I'm still waiting , The child was taken out for a walk by his grandparents , I'm alone at home , I don't know where it started , All that's left is to write with guilt !

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