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the idea that all sentient beings are produced by the skandhas

2021-08-31 19:39:17 Photography

Human nature , In the pursuit of fame and wealth, it is most easy to show off .

I was round and round , My mother was born in the world , I hope I can be happy and worry free . However, it is forced by the world , I recently got involved in a big play at the end of the year , There is no way to advance or retreat .

The big play begins , Sheng Dan, Jing Mo, Ugliness came on stage , It's not too busy for a while . I accidentally violated the greed of the Buddha's teachings and commandments 、 Angry 、 Idiot , Tempted , Actually follow the steps before going on stage , Delusion can taste the taste of the protagonist in one's lifetime .

There is , It's not as wonderful as we imagined ? There are not a few people who play well , Not to mention acting for fame and wealth , Must work hard . I'm not an actor , Even if you try your best , Still unable to get rid of the id , It's really childish , Can't see through the drama like life , When the truth comes out , Fang feels it's hard to ride a tiger , Sigh that you are too deep in the play . Red men and green women are bustling , We shrink in the corner , Can't escape the spotlight , The only thing I can do is to hang on to my heart “ yong ” Words squeeze and smile as a thick piece of green leaves , I just want the theater to close down as soon as possible .

Zhou Xingxing said : Even if you make eggplant coffee , Make a great omelet coffee . Although our talent is stupid , It's also a little literate , Understand that a man must have a beginning and an end , The tangle in my heart has turned a hundred times , Still play your own drama as perfectly as possible . Rolling Quotes : Even if you are a green leaf , Make a fat green leaf .

That being the case , I still hope that I won't have to participate in such premeditated nonsense new year blockbusters for the rest of my life .

I have some things , Once is enough .

Some corners , The sun will never shine .

some people , Just pass by when you meet .

Photography / Hibernating seed

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