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Pastoral dream

2021-08-31 19:46:36 Photographic travel works


“ People live in groups ”, So they all want to go to the prosperity of the city . Compared to the hustle and bustle , I envy the quiet farm , There is always an idyllic dream in my heart . That free life , It's the Shanzhai earth Emperor .

              《 Pastoral dream 》

          A small courtyard with three rooms ,

**          Surrounded by fences .**

          Behind the courtyard is a ridge of green hills ,

**          A green pond in front of the court .**

          A flock of chickens, ducks, sheep ,

**          The flowers on the fence bloom and smell sweet all the year round .**

          A field by the pond down the slope ,

          One mu of vegetable beds and two mu of grain .

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