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2021-08-31 19:55:13 Life journey

Teacher Zhang of a primary school finally retired , After working for half a lifetime, I can finally rest , It was supposed to be a happy thing , Unexpectedly, it made her angry .

I don't know what kind of work mistake it is , Mr. Zhang's file age is half a year younger than his ID card age , Calculated according to the age of ID card , She won't have to work at the beginning of the new school year , But , File age should be until winter vacation . For this reason, she consulted the headmaster in advance , At what age can I retire . The headmaster was vague , When she said it was time to retire, someone naturally informed her . At that time, the primary school teacher was also in a state of shortage , There is a serious shortage of teachers , Almost not a whole class , Mr. Zhang was naturally scheduled for class . There is no exact retirement time , Mr. Zhang is worried , She went to the leading unit directly under her —— Education Group , Ask this question , The leader of the group also said that she would be notified on the day of retirement . Mr. Zhang went back safely .

Half a year has passed , A colleague in Mr. Zhang's office joked :“ It's time for you to go home and have grandchildren , Cherish our last few days together !” It's time to leave the partners who have worked with you for decades , Teacher Zhang is really reluctant to give up . Look at the familiar tables and chairs , Listen to the noise of lively and lovely children , There was a ripple in teacher Zhang's heart . She wants to spend her last days seriously .

But , Then one day , The staff in charge of retirement in the education group informed Mr. Zhang who was in class to retire and go home immediately , And said she should have gone back six months ago , This half year belongs to the work after retirement , Because there is no renewal procedure , The salary received in this half year should be the standard of retirement salary , The original amount of the overpaid part will be returned !

Everybody knows , The teacher's salary will be halved after retirement , When Mr. Zhang didn't retire, his salary was six or seven thousand , Two or three thousand after retirement , Plus the rural subsidy received before , Seniority allowance and performance pay , All subsidies and wages are added together , She should return more than 30000 !

Mr. Zhang completely covered the circle , The heart is also quite angry ! I wanted to retire happily , It doesn't hurt to work a few more days . Which song is this ? Leaders, big and small, have asked , No one said a clear word ! I've done more than half a year , It sounds better to offer waste heat , It's hard to hear. It's for nothing ! What do your leaders eat ? Isn't the interpretation of the policy more profound and transparent than that of ordinary people ? What questions do you usually ask , A head held up like a whip , I don't know who I am ! Is it a group of fools ? Or you know a little about yourself ?

The more Miss Zhang thinks about it, the more timid he is , The heart is like a big stone , Make yourself unable to breathe . Looking forward to coming and going , What's the refund ?!

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