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She village, a mysterious ancient village (21)

2021-08-31 20:03:46 Photography

The dance of the wind

Travel along the mine , This kind of adjustment to local conditions 、 Tourism development mode of turning waste into treasure , It's worth praising , It will also leave a deep memory in our minds .

The design of the pit park tourism experience is exquisite , The design team conducted a variety of possibility studies on the tour routes and ways of the landscape , Comprehensive security 、 Manufacturing cost 、 Experience 、 Many factors such as ecology , Finally, the most reasonable 、 The safest solution . Many projects under construction , It also provides strong support for the future development of the park .

Pit Park , It is not a kind of Environmental Education .

Pit park is a successful abandoned pit reconstruction project , But we can't ignore the shock brought by these four huge downtime .

The design team intends not to restore these four downtime too much , It not only makes the rock wall of the whole quarry look like a landscape painting by nature , But also to warn people to fear nature , Even if we have mastered more and more powerful engineering capabilities , We should also realize that human power is still small in front of nature .

Beautiful , Pit Park !

The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

Mine Park panorama , This picture is from the Internet

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