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autumn moon

2021-08-31 20:03:49 Photography

          The morning wind is slowly , Opened the door of dawn , Awakened the insects and birds , Shake off the crystal of dew . A waning moon hung in the western sky , A little pale , There are also irreparable inadequacies .

          The Golden Rooster announces the dawn , Insects and birds sing , A happy day woke up . Walking in the stream winding , The steps also fluctuate , Listen to the spring Ding Dong , Birds sing and insects sing , The sublimation of selflessness !

          The late moon in early autumn , Thoughts are mixed with concerns , Nostalgia shows reluctance , A feeling of unfulfilled ambition , Look at the spirit of the mountains . The stars are no longer so flattering , The temperature is no longer so hot and crazy , Only the desolation shown by the star .

          Wind and frost all the way , Share weal and woe , Half a month's effort , Draw a round face , Beautiful and infinite bloom . In the second half of the month , It's weight loss ? Or the melancholy after the scenery ? There is a touch of sadness in my mind !

          In the distance, the clouds , Squeeze out a light red tear , The morning glow spreads from here to the dawn , To the sky , Push away the darkness , Wake up in the eyebrows and hair .

          Day and night reincarnation , Go round and begin again , Today's waste can be the bottom of tomorrow's expectations , A purposeful direction is not afraid of setbacks , Cry not afraid of falling , The foot is the starting point , It's just whether you find direction ?

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