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Reading notes of a dream of Red Mansions 35

2021-08-31 20:04:16 Life journey

This is the 72nd reading and writing , The seventy third time , The seventy fourth time .

** Seventy two times   Wang Xifeng was ashamed to say that she was ill   Lai Wang's wife relies on the power to marry for the 73rd time   The silly girl picked up the embroidered spring bag by mistake   Miss coward doesn't ask tired Jinfeng for the 74th time   Seduce, slander, copy and inspect the Grand View Garden   Yagujie put an end to Ningguo mansion **

These three loops , Didn't say much good . It can be said that things go on together . There are many things , People are also sick . From the whole story , We have talked about more than seventy times , It's an in-depth stage . This stage , Problems are common . For a person , At one stage, there are always unpleasant things , The momentum is bound to be low , So as to affect health .

see , Sister Feng is too strong , All the resentment from the top to the bottom . The body goes from bad to worse , Some time ago, it was said that it was red , Now there is a blood avalanche . But , Still have to worry about . I also know the root cause , I also want to let go . But it seems difficult to ride a tiger .

In which the heart , Probably vanity , Some forget themselves . So , Be gentle when you are in power , Don't be too extravagant when you are rich . Be content and grateful , It's probably a matter of discretion .

Things are often seen by onlookers . If a poor man suddenly becomes rich , Most of them will change their ways to spend , Indulge in . When something goes wrong , Just wake up .

The silly elder sister in Jia's mother's house picked up the embroidered spring bag in the garden , Mrs. Xing happened to see , Mrs. Xing told Mrs. Wang , Mrs. Wang asked Sister Feng . Everyone thinks it's a big deal , A terrible thing . also , Ashamed to speak .

This shows the Chinese culture . Tell the truth , Hide... Hide , Hypocritical style , I really don't like .

Like the emperor's new clothes , Obviously naked , They say how beautiful clothes are . Only one child , Told the big truth . Adults are lying . actually , Adults have seen naked , Pretend you don't know , This is really shameful .

however , In the Grand View Garden at that time , It's really a rare novelty . Actually , Since there are , When it doesn't appear , It means that there has been . Left out , Was picked up , Show that you have been presumptuous , Lack of scruples . Under the original code of ethics , It is necessary to punish .

There's more , Yingchun's nanny took her jewelry and saved her beads. Jinfeng was tired to gamble . As Jia Mu said ,“ I don't know how to play with money at night , You can't stop drinking ; Eat wine , You have to unlock the door at will ”, What can't be done ? Yingchun also let them go . Tanchun knows , Both sisters , Then he asked . Work for people , It's really different from Yingchun .

Lose something , Gambling money , Embroidered spring capsule , Money and sex , All show the nature of human desire .

therefore , Mrs. Wang ordered , If necessary 、 Check it out . About Jin juer , Geng Geng is still in his mind . How can we suppress the embroidered spring bag event now ? check ! We must find out who brought it in from where .

There is “ Check the Grand View Garden ” Events .

Temporary , Sister Feng took Zhou Rui's , Wu Xingjia's , And Wang Shanbao's family , Waiting for a group of people , Start inspection at night .

The object of inspection , Mainly for young women . First come to Yihong Hospital , Then there is Xiaoxiang Hall . No abnormal findings .

In the Spring House , You have to open the door early with a candle . Until Wang Shanbao's family wanted to make contributions , Unknowingly , Come and search Tanchun , He was immediately beaten by Tanchun . Tan Chun expressed his views on the incident of copying and inspection .

“ Don't be busy , Of course, there are even days when you copy . You didn't talk about the Zhen family when you got up this morning , I'm looking forward to a good copy of the family , Sure enough, I copied it today . We are also gradually coming . It can be seen that such a big family , If it comes from outside , It can't be killed for a while , This is what the ancients once said ‘ a centipede dies but never falls down , To die without rigidity ’, You have to kill yourself at home , To fail !”

so to speak , Tanchun tells the Jia family , Even the reasons for the decline of a group .

Then I went to nuanxiang stronghold , Come back to Xi Chun's room . A large bag of silver was found in the girl's painting box , There is also a jade belt board and a bag of men's boots and socks . The painting explained that it was sent by his brother . Xi Chun only asks you to take it out , Not at all . And Tanchun's attitude towards servants , one 's behavior is different , as if he were not the same person .

Come to Yingchun room again . Find the man's clothes hidden in Siqi . It turned out that Siqi had a private relationship with his cousin pan You'an , Some time ago, I wandered around in the garden , I was hit by a mandarin duck .

Then he ordered to guard first , Wait for tomorrow to cook .

Exploring spring, welcoming spring and cherishing spring , The three have different attitudes , Each person's character can be expressed clearly .

There is an unknown : Sister Feng said to Wang Shanbao's family , To copy, only check our family , Miss Xue's room , It's absolutely impossible to copy . Because they are relatives .

actually , Except for the three sisters , Went to Baoyu's room , In Li Wan's room , And went to Daiyu's room . Why did you go to check Daiyu's room ? Isn't Daiyu a relative ?

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