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Lotus root raises people

2021-08-31 20:04:19 Life journey

This few days , I especially want to eat crispy lotus root , So I went to several supermarkets nearby , I think the price is too beautiful , Today is no better than before , Life should be calculated .

I remember buying lotus roots with mud on a lot before , It can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time and is still fresh , Then I downloaded a lot on my mobile phone again , Compared with , The price is much cheaper .

Today, I made myself a small bowl of cold fried lotus root , I had two delicious meals , That feeling , It's very comfortable !

Share the nutritional value and efficacy of lotus root ;

The lotus root is slightly sweet and crisp , It can be eaten raw or cooked , And the medicinal value is quite high .

Raw lotus root tastes sweet 、 Sexual cold , Into the heart 、 The spleen 、 Stomach meridian , With heat clearing 、 fluid 、 Cold blood 、 Remove blood stasis 、 Tonifying spleen 、 Appetizer 、 The antidiarrheal effect . It is mainly used to treat fever and thirst 、 Vomiting blood 、 Epistaxis 、 Hot shower .

Cooked lotus root is warm 、 It's sweet , It is beneficial to the stomach and spleen 、 Nourishing blood and tonifying 、 Myogenesis 、 The effect of antidiarrheal work . It is mainly used for lung heat and cough 、 Irritable and thirsty 、 Spleen deficiency diarrhea and anorexia and other diseases .

Avoid crowds :

1. Most people can eat , Old and young women and children 、 It is especially suitable for those who are weak and ill , Especially suitable for patients with high fever 、 Hematemesis 、 High blood pressure 、 Liver disease 、 Loss of appetite 、 iron-deficiency anemia 、 Malnourished people .

2. Lotus root is cool , Pregnant women should not eat too early ; Low digestive function of spleen and stomach 、 Those with loose stools should not eat raw .

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