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It's better to "eliminate" anger than to be angry

2021-08-31 20:04:22 Life journey

In ancient Tibet , There was a man named Adiba . Every time you get angry or argue with someone , He ran home at a fast speed , Run around your house and land three times , Then sit by the field and breathe .

Adiba works very hard , His house is getting bigger and bigger , More and more land , But no matter how big the house is , As long as someone gets angry , He will still run three times around the house and the land . Why does Adiba do this every time he gets angry ?

All the people who know him , I wonder , But no matter how you ask him , Oedipus is reluctant to explain .

Until one day Adiba was very old , His room 、 The land is already vast , He's on crutches again , Walk hard around the land and house . When he finally finished three laps , The sun is setting .

Adiba sat by the field panting , His grandson is around pleading with him :“ Grandfather , You are old , No one's land around here is bigger than yours , You can't be like before , Run around the land when you are angry ! Could you tell me , Why do you run around the land three times when you are angry ?”

Adiba couldn't resist his grandson's plea , Finally tell the secret hidden in my heart for many years , He said :“ When I was young , As soon as I quarrel with someone 、 debate 、 angry , Just run around the land three times , Running and thinking , My house is so small , So little land , I don't have the time and qualification to be angry with others , At the thought of this, my anger goes away , So I spend all my time working hard .”

Asked the grandson :“ Grandfather , You are old , Became the richest man again , Why run around the land ?”

Adiba said with a smile :“ I'm still angry , When angry, walk around the premises three times , Think while walking , My house is so big , There is so much land , Why do I have to contend with people , The thought of this calmed my anger ”

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