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We can't just "strictly handle business"

2021-08-31 20:04:32 Life journey

The so-called do not blindly deal with business strictly , It's not to let people violate principles and discipline , But grasp the scale when allowed , Flexible , Treat business as private , Make the other person more willing to do things for you .

There is more room for maneuver between strict and skillful handling of official affairs , This can create favorable opportunities for rational people . They do their best , They often get unexpected results in interpersonal communication .

Some people don't understand “ Do business skillfully ” The truth , It turned out to be a loss . A doctor who has just returned from abroad went to the applicant to go through the formalities , He thinks the office is too inefficient , He made wild comments on the staff based on the situation abroad , The other party said very unhappily :“ I won't go through the formalities today , Come back tomorrow !”

If the doctor says two good words , similar “ Newly arrived , Please take good care of me .”“ I'm here to trouble you , This is my personal information , Please pay more attention .” Maybe the office staff will speed up to help him .

If you work in the office , Thought it was business , Just take “ Whoever delays is his responsibility ” The principle of brand scares people , Without considering doing anything, you are cooperating with others , There will be a lot of trouble . This rigid way of doing business strictly , Ignoring people's emotional factors , Of course, it's hard to work .

If you are a rational person , Know how to handle business skillfully , The result is another look .

Master Zhang who works in the repair Department of a company , As soon as he got off work, he got on his bike and rushed to his good friend Wang's company . One of Wang's air conditioners suddenly doesn't cool , Master Zhang goes to see what's wrong .“ Of course, I have to help with my good friend .” Master Zhang rushed to Wang's company , I was too busy to eat , Work until late , Finally repaired the air conditioner .

Wang said gratefully to master Zhang :“ Thank you so much , If it weren't for the urgent use of air conditioning , I won't let you come to help after work , It took you so long , I'm really sorry !” Master Zhang smiled and said :“ well , We have been old friends for many years , What else to say !”

Although Wang's air conditioner is produced by Master Zhang's factory , Repairing the air conditioner is also master Zhang's job , But master Zhang took this as “ Private affairs ” Yes . If Wang is not a friend of Master Zhang , What will happen ? Maybe Master Zhang has a high consciousness , It will do the same , But because it's after work , Master Zhang said to repair it tomorrow , This is perfectly reasonable .

It's not difficult for us to have this experience many times , On the premise of conforming to the principle , Doing business skillfully is often easier and faster than doing business strictly , Even more beautiful .

It is said that , Acquaintances do a good job . We often encounter such things : When you do something for your unit , You say to an old acquaintance of your partner :“ Ah , cronies , It's up to you , You have to do it as your own business !” The implication is that although this is a business , But it has a great relationship with me , I charge you to pay attention 、 careful 、 Help me finish . such , People who do things will quickly and effectively complete them in advance in a short time .

The biggest trick to doing business skillfully is to be good at using your popularity , You did the same thing , But gain more efficiency , Of course, when others throw a peach , In the future .

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