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Fly ceaselessly

2021-08-31 20:04:37 Life journey

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Tonight? , What a breeze when I came to the window , The unique taste of autumn comes from afar, and the natural song plays the pulse of the earth, which may have a potential relationship with a text I read , Give me quiet strength, I suddenly restored a strong lightness, like running easily on the beach

These must be the sunshine that has already happened. It spreads out a warm smell on the body. The tide rises and falls , Let me have gratitude for the past years. The waves huff and puff in the distance. White foam dotted the beach and coast. The sea once again printed salty on my lips , Astringent , Sweet kiss

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Be close to nature , Remove the heavy load and let the burning burn as much as possible. My senses are dull. Even if I slip on the muddy road after the rain, I laugh it off , Even if you step on a stone, you will see leaping sparks. Touch and watch everything I like with your eyes. They are singing about the growing power

I like the natural kindness from the heart, away from the crowd , All this can be better obtained. Before I have eyes, the world already has goodwill and tears. I need some time to wait for the world to sprinkle salt in my eyes before I can cry again

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Yes , I am my ideal wing. I love this vast ocean. Life is always like this , A little warmth, a light , A little strength , A breeze always creates miraculous influence, growing happiness and treasure yes , I am the fuel of the fire of my life, doing my own things in my quiet and remote center , Keep flying. The ripples of flowers and time make the ocean of the heart surge with the vastness and fragrance of life

In the night with the breeze and the smell of the sea, my hands turned into a pair of vigorous wings. On my wings, I suddenly recovered a strong lightness, like running easily on the beach

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