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Prose ● plain and beautiful reed flowers ‖ Mason

2021-08-31 20:04:50 Life journey

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        Once at a friend's party, I talked about flowers . Some friends say , We also have a kind of flower that is worth putting in the bedroom , This is the reed flower . He called it a plain and beautiful reed flower with humble quality . I don't think so .

        Remember, it used to be , Choose a good day , Invite three or five friends , Taking advantage of the bright sunshine , It's best to have a few wisps of warm wind , In bursts of laughter , Let's go to the beach at the weekend , Simply sit on the ground , as boundless as the sea and sky , Enjoy the scenery and chat , Suddenly give up all worries , Only a lazy picture of the floating world , It's not beautiful ? Then there are the naughty , Regardless of the mud of the reed marsh , Sharp reed roots can hurt people , Just step into the warm reed curtain , act in collusion with ,“ Crackle ” Sound , Fold some reed flowers and take them home , Find a thin necked glass vase with a strong warm color , Add some water , With colorful beads , Put the slender reed flowers in the bottle , At the head of the bed in the bedroom , Or put it on the windowsill , Even if the reed flowers are suitable , Add a little warmth to the cabin . Wake up in the morning , One side of the head , See the reed flowers nodding silently , It seems to see the laughter of that day again , Lifelike in front of you , And my heart can't help rippling .

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        But it's not the reed season .

        Suddenly want to write about reed flowers , Because I met a friend recently , Lonely she has a lonely story , The look on her head as she told her story , It reminds me of reed flowers . So when she finished , It's my turn to start saying .

        In the evening breeze by the sea , Then inlaid with a cloudy sky , Swaying reed flowers , Give people the beauty of vicissitudes . Your heart will become super pure . I wonder if you've ever seen such a reed flower ? But occasionally , There will be a reed flower , A little Temptation , I hope to be chosen to go to a dream place , As many people thought when they were young . Although it is said that people especially like reed flowers , I love her very much , Promise to find her a good home . But for a long time , Reality taught Luhua not to think so , She felt away from the sea breeze , Away from freedom , Away from friends , Away from happiness , Luhua is helpless , But her heart withered in the bedroom . For a sensitive mind , She couldn't resist the temptation for a moment , Deviated from the original track and “ there was a red plum tree ”, What can be blamed ? Besides, you know you're wrong , Changed , With the understanding of that reed flower , You are the price you have to pay in the process of growing up , Think so , Can you be relieved ?

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        When I finish , My friend has burst into tears , She said “ thank you ” when , I think she must have understood what her choice means by now . maybe , She will be like me , So I fell in love with reed flowers . Of course, I won't put reed flowers in my own vase anymore .

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