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Talking about the book of changes

2021-08-31 20:04:54 Life journey

《 The book of changes 》 It's something that even the old farmer knows , But it's true 《 The book of changes 》 What is it like ? The answers may exist in different people's hearts !

First of all, Confucius 《 Ten wings 》 You have to planed it first , This is the words of Confucius , It may also be a combination of many people , After all, you can't be 100% sure who the author is , Correctness cannot be absolutely !

Second, the divinatory words should be removed , This is an interpretation 《 The book of changes 》 Just an example of , Whether it was made by King Wen alone , It was made with his son Duke Zhou , All of these and 《 Ten wings 》 The same , It's a family word !

Now look what's left , There are only divinatory names and pictures left , This is perhaps the most real 《 The book of changes 》 了 , And even divinatory names have different versions , so to speak , The name of the 64 trigrams is also a family word , Maybe only the original gossip is a little older !

Finally learn 《 The book of changes 》 Must be able to interpret without the image of written discourse 《 The book of changes 》 Talent , Maybe this is what we call the wordless heavenly book , To get closer to nature !

Study 《 The book of changes 》 When , The most basic ability is to play the original text of turning ten wings , And you have to be able to find faults , Even Confucius , He's also human , It can't be accurate , Otherwise you can't go deeper ! This is reading 《 The book of changes 》 The basic skill of !

Next, you should be able to name the hexagram , Overall thinking of divinatory words , Put their overall logic through and do not violate the operational logic of factual problems , This is another level , But they use factual questions to express logic , There must be some logical flaws , It can't be smooth everywhere , But there are not many such places ! Because Hexagrams are directional examples , So you can't be more serious , You just need to use its examples to think about the overall logic that the author wants to express !

Then this level is a little difficult , It is estimated that many people who study it cannot reach this state , Is to abandon all words , Just think about the six hexagrams of 64 hexagrams , This stage is the real level !

Any hexagram contains all the truth , Any hexagram is more or less related to all other hexagrams , Any divination can make you think about any existence in the world , This is when you ask for divination , No matter which divination can explain the reason of the question you ask !

read 《 The book of changes 》 The highest realm of , I think it should be able to abandon 《 The book of changes 》, Not to mention the divination derived from it , I understand everything , What else is divination , It's clear without occupation !

It is born of everything in heaven and earth , When we study it, we should return it to nature step by step , This is where you come from and where you go !

Anyway 《 The book of changes 》 It is just a product of human production , Just like a person , It's just a product ! When the function is fully utilized, it's time to leave !

Learning is a process of a person moving towards the unity of heaven and man , When you are successful ,《 The book of changes 》 Already with this heart !

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