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Chasing flowers (504)

2021-08-31 20:07:34 Photography

Hydrangea has no fragrance of Jasmine , There is no gorgeous and noble Peony , Nor the quiet elegance of orchids , But it also has a different legend .

One of the legends is , It is said that eight immortals went to yaochi to attend the peach blossom meeting of the mother of the king , Come back and pass the East China Sea , Alerted the Dragon King of the East China Sea . The nine sons of the Dragon King were ordered to inquire on the sea . Among them, the seventh Prince of the dragon king saw he Xiangu, one of the eight immortals, beautiful , Make waves on the sea , Take the opportunity to rob he Xiangu into the Dragon Palace .

The other seven immortals were furious , Raise their magic weapons , Turn into seven red scale fire dragons , Spewing flames at the sea , In a moment , The sea is boiling . The East Sea Dragon King feels very hot in the Dragon Palace , I heard a deafening noise outside , The Dragon Palace shook even more , After asking why , Denounce the seventh Prince , Tie him up with your own hands , Please also invite he Xiangu to sit in the Dragon sedan , Carried by eight other dragons , Rise to the sea and apologize to the immortals .

The seven immortals saw he Xiangu return safely , The Dragon King himself took the seven princes to apologize , Then the anger goes out , Expressed willingness to turn fighting into friendship . The Dragon King offered flowers to the eight immortals to apologize . The eight immortals brought flowers to China , The flowers are in clusters , Like a big Hydrangea , Sure enough, the flowers are gorgeous and the leaves are beautiful , gorgeous , be not of the common sort , Beautiful scenery is added to the hundred flower garden .

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