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My Jane book friends

2021-08-31 20:12:14 Life journey

I'm not a very enthusiastic person , But nearly half a year after returning to Jianshu , I met many interesting literary friends .

They have excellent writing and noble character , Or a piece of sincerity , Full of enthusiasm for the road of literature …… Their infection and companionship , Let me have a big change , It also makes Ben very casual. I insist on the day of Jane's book .

ok , Whether it's my wishful thinking or not , I think it's only useful “ Good friends ” Call them , To express the joy in my heart .

I've wanted to write about them for a long time , But I'm afraid I can't write their good , So delay , As it happens, one of the themes of this punch in is , So I decided to put the long shelved plan on the agenda .( The following characters appear in random order ~ Don't worry about the order .)

@ Salted egg crab

Brother crab and I are classmates of teacher Qi Fanqi's writing training camp .

It's funny that , Because his head 、 Food related names 、 Delicate style 、 And his slightly neutral real name , It made me think he was a girl , Even after he said goodbye to himself , I still have deep doubts in my heart , Thought he was joking .

Don't believe it , You see ——

Excerpt from 《 A woman who can be 》

He is so skillful in the little things of a girl's life , Why don't you let me question his gender .

however , We are half weight , My name also makes people feel gender dislocation . Maybe that's why , I feel a little sorry for each other .

This month is the first of our classmate friendship 4 It's time .

The first 1 I wasn't impressed with him at that time , We didn't say a word directly .

I only saw from the chat records in the group that he had works like me and was selected into the mountain man teacher 、 Hometown love prose books edited by Mr. Jiang xuege 《 Local feeling and local charm 》, So I know him .

Then from his active interaction in the group, I know that he is a very enthusiastic 、 People who share .

wait until 5 The story private room class starts in June , Surprised to find him in the group .

After class practice , I'm still dawdling and struggling to write , He has written many articles by brush .

At that time, I couldn't write stories well , Almost want to give up .

Seeing that everyone's morale seems to be depressed , He is like a clear spring , Comforting everyone , Share your own way of writing .

I can't help but exclaim :“ Where did you get so much material ?”

He even said he got it from gossip , He also sent me a piece of social news material .

I can't help smacking my tongue , But I have to , I don't pay much attention to my family. I really don't have any material in my stomach .

His words in the group are rarely long , But it's often to the point , Every sentence is sincere , The students in the group like her very much .

We are familiar with each other in 6 month . There are teachers in the group who want to accept story writers , We both signed up at the same time . After thinking about it, I turned around and added him . This is the first time I have taken the initiative to add students .

I didn't expect him to ask me about the story writer in the first sentence after he passed me . It seems that everyone has a good heart .

Over time , The more you know about him , More and more sighed at his seriousness and diligence .

He walked faster and faster on his way to writing , Higher and higher , When I encounter problems, I will unconsciously ask him .

And he still patiently answers every time .

After a few issues , The friends in the group called him intimately “ Brother crab ”“ Brother crab ”, It shows his personal charm !

@Mr_ Daoxiang old farmer

As sister Qiu Xiaoyu said , Teacher Daoxiang is a beam of light in Jane's book .

once , I think he's above , It only exists in the list of daily changes in simple books , Until one day , I saw Mr. Qi Qi in his writing training camp .

I just read the list the day before , He exclaimed :“ The sun is the greater God ”.

But I used to “ be fond of the new and tired of the old ”, Especially things that have nothing to do with me , After saying hello, I forgot about it .

Until the reading of Yunmeng team , I don't think the light is far away from us .

On that day , Just joined the reading team of Yun Meng, not long ago , Reading requires material , I thought about it for a long time. , I think my voice is more suitable for reading 《 Praise from poplar 》 A kind of article , So I wandered around in Jianshu .

Accidentally found an article 《 Hollywood 》, Sense and 《 Praise from poplar 》 The same is true . My heart was like a demon , Just want to read it .

When you want to give your name back , I found that the teacher said that the author's consent was needed to read . Worried about infringement, I just looked back at the author's name .

Why ?Mr_ Daoxiang old farmer ! Isn't this the great God who appeared in the group that day ? Can he allow me to read his works ?

Hesitated a little , But the desire to read it , He boldly sent a letter to ask .

I've been waiting for a long time , No response .

The activity will start in a few hours , When I was wondering if I wanted to find my own words to make up the count , He replied to me :

ah , agree! , Great ! I quickly recorded the audio , Handed in the reading assignment for the day .

A few days later , I didn't mean to click into Mr. Daoxiang's home page , Why , The teacher recorded the last time 《 Hollywood 》 The story of is written in Japanese Geng Wen , And gave me a good compliment , It makes me restless , Where does the teacher say so well . It's a great compliment .

When the fifth writing camp opened , The light came to me , And honored to be his comment partner , Maybe I saw my uneasiness , He even offered to add me , Said let me take him . wow , I feel like I've found 500 In case .

He often leaves me messages with his poetic words under my works 、 Jane Shin pointed out the problems in my article .

The teacher's advice

from 6 Month begins , Teacher Daoxiang wrote a poem that encouraged me , And he paid me a reward , Put my words into some anthologies .

The teacher's poem

This makes me moved and guilty , I'm not as good as he said , His sincerity and support , Let me not know how to repay .

But every time I go to the end of his article to reward , He must double his reward .

Let me hold this as a reward , Trembling under the heart , I don't know how to deal with it .

But at the same time , With his repeated encouragement , I have more motivation to stick to writing .

Teacher Daoxiang is the bright sunshine , Bright and warm , Give others unlimited hope .

Count with your fingers , Back to Jane's book has 5 It's been months , I know a lot of Jane's friends , Everyone has endless stories in my heart , Help the younger generation , The words are beautiful Mr. Xuejiang ; Teach me editing common sense , Do things seriously Fly against the wind, teacher ; Warm and naive , To fight against injustice , I laughed at it as having ” Lead war constitution “ Of Sister Xiaoyu ; The dream team has always encouraged me 、 Be sure of my Qin Yan se language teacher ; Frank and lovely Huba, old huaner …… There are a lot of little friends with me , Encouraging me , I have lived in Jane village month after month .

Facing the wonderful life in Jian village for nearly half a year , I can't help saying from my heart :

It's nice to have you !

《 Qi fan Qi Di 6 I'm going to write a special training camp 》 The first 6 piece ,2129 word , total 11794 word .( Theme punch )

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