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find a moment of leisure in a busy life

2021-08-31 20:17:58 Photography

Previous year's 8 From mid September to early September , It's my natural time to rest at home , Relax , Release pressure , Enjoy leisure . This year is also in this period , I'm still at home , The mood is not the mood of last year .

This year, 7 At the beginning of , Because of the fire case in Shangqiu training institution , We stopped classes at home .7 Mid month , Just a few days of class , It was raining heavily , Listen to the teacher .7 end of the month , The epidemic started again , We suspended classes . Haven't come out of the cycle of this eventful autumn , The double reduction policy fell from the sky . therefore , I've been idle at home for a long time . Inner panic , Worry , hesitation , Nothing to say . I should have enjoyed my holiday, but I was full of worries . There is confusion about the future , There is anxiety about the present , And I have to keep up my spirit to accompany my children .

I slept in today , Get up and pack up more than ten o'clock , Children have been looking at tablets , Or turn on the TV . I reflect on , I've been at home for a few days , Indeed, she has been conniving at watching TV for a long time , It's time to entertain in another way . Take a bottle of water , Push the car , Take a small bench , go , Let's go for an outing .

The entrance to the neighboring village

As a married girl , I'm not familiar with my town , Maybe I don't even know the name of the neighboring village , People don't know one , But it doesn't prevent me from swimming . I like to take my children on a road I'm not familiar with .

Found a small bridge

Out of this village is a small stone bridge with artistic conception , I like the feeling , Shuttle on the bridge . From both sides came the cry of cicadas , The child who didn't know about it asked , Mom , What's the sound , I hate it . I answer , Cicada , A flying insect .

The scenery on the bridge

I let the children look carefully , Miyoshi Hashimoto ? The child replied , It's beautiful , What a green color .

The path around the corner smells of flowers

The terrain ahead is high

In the middle, I keep passing through my unknown village , Occasionally passers-by , There are few cars , There is no lack of fireworks in the open space .

Look back at the road

Treat what you see with heart

Let go of everything , Embrace nature with your heart , stop , Review , You see, the road is full of scenery . Why are you on the spot but don't know how to cherish .

Find the beauty

I came across a small garden

These two places have come from the other way many times , Today, I found another kind of beauty and comfort .



I said to the child, look at the sea in the sky

Nature's hand

I said to the child , look up at , The sea . The child said , Is the sea like this ? What is white ? It's cloud. ️. Oh , It's so beautiful , I see the sea . The child called . This scene , What else is sentimental , The world is trivial , Worldly troubles . heart , Like a mirror , thorough , Clear and bright , Relieve , At ease .

Fish pond


A place you often visit in your daily life , Today is a special day for face , Strive to show the best .

My way into the village

Walk with the tracks

gradually , Where children love to watch trains . This section of the track also looks a lot more friendly . Finally, I returned to the rural road , Close to the , Almost see home . The children are also happier . Tell me more about this journey , I see the sea , I see cotton , I saw the red horn , I see corn .

Not in vain , The beauty is still there , It's just the state of mind , The road ahead , I want to walk carefully . I hope every day in the future will be like today .

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