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Ideal partner?

2021-08-31 20:18:03 Photography

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Every time and Y I feel refreshed on the phone , I think I must study hard 、 To do things , Just be worthy of yourself and those who love you , So I believe in fate , It should be said that at least so far ,Y It's the best woman I know to be my wife . As for me , We must be more rational , Less ridiculous , Otherwise, to yourself 、 It's a kind of harm to people . So , We must strengthen self-cultivation , Nip in the bud , Believe in yourself , As long as you exercise restraint, you will be able to maintain your noble character , Everyone has improper or even wrong ideas , Some people overcome themselves , So as to make yourself successful , vice versa .

People alive , Always be moderate , Have integrity , Only in this way can I make no big mistakes in my life , There are always various temptations in life , Be good at defense , Be good at counterattack !

1995 year 8 month 19 Japan   Saturday   It's fine

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