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Wudalianchi world famous garden -- old Heishan

2021-08-31 20:18:09 Photography

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My second sister and I set out early in the morning , The scenic spot is old Montenegro . Old Montenegro includes old Montenegro and Huoshaoshan scenic spot , It is the core scenic spot of UNESCO World Geopark . The area is 70 Square kilometers , It is a new volcanic sightseeing area .

These two volcanoes are Laoheishan and Huoshaoshan , Both erupted in AD 1720-1721 year , Now it belongs to dormant volcano . They are also the youngest volcanoes , They are two volcanoes with detailed records of volcanic eruptions in China .

Wudalianchi is one of the first world geoparks in the world 、 The hometown of mineral water in China 、 China's famous hometown of volcanoes .

In the rising 14 Between volcanic cones , There is a winding river , Like a blue ribbon , Five large and small barrier lakes are connected in series , Wudalianchi is named after it .

It has the most complete preservation 、 The distribution is most concentrated 、 New and old volcanic geology and geomorphology with the most complete categories , Known as the “ Natural volcano museum ” and “ Open volcano Textbook ”.

Laoheishan is one of the typical volcanoes in China , yes 14 The tallest of the volcanoes , The altitude is nearly 516 rice . The mountain forest is mostly composed of black pumice , So it's called “ laoheishan volcano ”.

There are mountain roads on the East and west sides of the mountain, reaching the top of the mountain , There is a funnel-shaped crater on the top of the mountain , Diam. 350 rice , Deep agreement 140 rice , The inner wall is steep , The scene was somber .

The crater on the top of the mountain

Moss in the forest

Lava profile

The geological formation date is 290 many years , There are scenic spots in the scenic spot 110 There are so many places , There is a road between the scenic spots 、 Wooden plank road or stone road connection . Famous scenic spots include the mountain top crater 、 Stone sea 、 Mini-Scape Garden 、 Volcanic poplar 、 Bagua Lake 、 White Dragon Lake and jet cone and so on .

We took the scenic bus at the gate of old Heishan and began to visit , There is a commentary on the car , The driving place shows the characteristics of the scenic spot , Broadcast all the way , The scenery continues , It's very lively .

The volcanic poplar growing on black volcanic lava is the most moving . Volcanic Poplar with a history of decades or even hundreds of years , Some of them are short and twisted , Some are tall and strong , But the trees are basically the same age , Only the growth conditions are slightly different . In order to keep moisture , Grow tenaciously , They were the great first “ Pioneer Yang ”.

The same is true of the moss in the forest , It only grows a few millimeters a year , Like the exquisite green beauty spread on the ground .

And that pretty shocking “ Stone sea ”, We walked along “ Scientific research route ”( Wooden plank road ) forward , Enjoy the story about the volcanic rock sea .

Volcanic poplar

Old black mountain on the left , Stone sea plank road on the right

The whole mountain of Laoheishan is black pumice 、 Volcanic ash and lava piled up , The surface is covered with dark brown rock , Birch trees grow 、 Poplar 、 Oak tree, etc . Large areas of lava on the bare surface form a sea of stones . A vast ocean in the distance , Look closely at the surging stone waves , extend 10 km , Form a huge long dragon , It's called stone dragon , This is one of the wonders of great Montenegro , It's rare in the world .

Huoshao mountain and Heilong mountain erupted at the same time , The altitude is near 393 rice , Tourists are not allowed to climb this mountain , There is a large area of exposed surface of volcanic lava , There are paravolcanoes 、 Jet cone ( dish )、 Lava Dragon 、 Stone garden 、 Stone ape 、 Stone bear 、 The birch forest is quiet 、 There are 59 scenic spots such as Bagua lake .

Wudalianchi is really a magical land , Like a dazzling naked diamond , Whoever comes here , Will fall in love with this rare world treasure .

Jet cone


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