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Road   to   Photography~075

2021-08-31 20:22:00 Photography

Talk about my photography every day ……

Thinking about the idea of photography 🧐……

Today, let's talk about punch in photos .

We usually take punch in photos taken casually , Just take pictures in front of landmark buildings or text signs with scenic spot descriptions , The operation itself is no problem , But what if I feel like it's not as good as I expected when I look at the photos at home ?

There are usually small partners who think like this , Congratulations on taking another step forward in your pursuit of photography .

Actual photographs were originally invented for rapid recording , At first, people relied on painting to record , But the low efficiency is also affected by the artist's skill , The uneven level makes the cost and efficiency of painting unacceptable to the general mass media .

The development of photography technology makes it very convenient for the public to record at will , Accurate and efficient . But as time goes on , People are no longer satisfied with simple records , Some photography pioneers , Began to explore the integration of the characteristics of various arts into photography , Setting a clear theme for your shooting is like writing an article with a central idea .

The following is an example , If such a railway station , The platform is full of people coming and going , If you can't seize the opportunity , People who don't know don't know whether you want to describe a busy railway station or a station where you came to a place . But I wait until there is no one , The signboard of the station is in the middle , The picture is as simple as telling the audience that I'm somewhere , This is a good way to convey what you want to express , It is not easy to cause errors in understanding .

Okay , Today's sharing is here , Looking forward to tomorrow ……

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