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With dedication and original heart, write beautiful words

2021-08-31 20:22:10 Photography

              writing : Sichenbatu


On the road of life , Everyone is writing their own history with their own footprints . In today's surging economic wave , Many people are working with selfless attitude and selfless professionalism , Be unknown in your ordinary post 、 Offer silently , Although they have no earth shaking achievements , There is no known reputation , But he has created an extraordinary professionalism in his ordinary post , He has devoted himself to the cause he is engaged in , He is such a person , He once worked in the township for 18 years ,2019 year 1 Monthly obey the organization arrangement and engage in comprehensive writing work , Try to be a good attendant 、 The waiter .

        Eat through the spirit , Complete material writing with high quality . The work is highly professional , Not familiar with the work in the early stage , Every manuscript has a new title 、 New content 、 New requirements , No, “ Old version ” delicious , There are no shortcuts , There is nothing ready to apply , You can't do it without learning . In order to integrate into the working environment as soon as possible , He spends all his free time studying the spirit of important meetings and documents , Carefully study relevant laws and policies , Be internalized in the heart 、 Externalize in line , Learn deeply and thoroughly , Achieve mastery through a comprehensive , Translate the learning effect into the written materials in time . Facing the arduous task of writing materials , He hardly had a full weekend , But I never talked about terms and remuneration ; The burden is heavy 、 Under great pressure , But never slack off , Reduced job requirements and standards , Demonstrated strong professionalism . Before the inspection , continuity 6 There are no rest days this week , It's common to work overtime until midnight . Through efforts , Complete the writing of various materials with high quality , Satisfactory completion of the inspection and “ To look back ” And other key work , Praised by leaders and comrades .

        bear hardship without complaint , Where to move . Do comprehensive work in the office , No duty, no right , Often stay up late and work overtime , Don't care about children , I can't take care of my parents , It can be said that it is both hard 、 And bitter . Especially for various reasons , The number of people engaged in this work is not only small , And they are all novices . In the face of heavy workload 、 The reality of heavy tasks , He often works overtime , Never complain or get tired , And never put forward any non-specific requirements to the leaders , Always maintain a good mental state and strong work enthusiasm . Office work is trivial and complex , Some things can't be divided clearly , Encounter work , He never flinched from , Actively participate in all work , Warm service and visit , To be recognized . Actively participate in the filing work , Assist colleagues to collect and sort out all relevant documents and materials , Complete the classification of data 、 Number 、 binding 、 safekeeping 、 Retrieval and utilization , Successfully complete the sorting of inspection files . Actively communicate with member units , transmit to those above and those below , Assist all units to do all basic work together .

      Act of responsibility , All work has achieved results . Years of working experience , So that he can combine reality in his work , Be realistic and pragmatic , Innovation , have a definite object in view . On the basis of ensuring comprehensive work, we should grasp the key work , Actively play the role of staff assistant in the process of completing daily business work , Actively innovate on the basis of inheriting effective work means and work experience . First, grasp the key points . Good at working around the center , Grasp the main contradictions and key work , Ensure the completion of key work and main tasks . Second, take the initiative . Try to think hard in hard work , Be good at summarizing when you are busy , Change from passive to active . Third, have the courage to innovate . Do the paper 、 Hold a meeting 、 Work , In strict accordance with the working procedures , And proactive , Want to be in front of , Do it first , Moderately ahead of time , Continuous innovation , Aim to improve work efficiency and quality , Constantly improve and perfect the operation mechanism of text synthesis work . For two years , He has won unanimous praise from leaders and comrades for his concrete actions , Serve grass-roots units to carry out work with realistic and pragmatic measures , With a down-to-earth attitude , Do every job well , I have made due efforts in ordinary posts , Is an excellent practitioner .

            This article is completed on 2020 year 7 month 6 Japan .

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